Honeywell LTP Series, Low Temperature Passive Probes


LTP Series

Honeywell’s Low Temperature Passive Probes, LTP Series, are a modular range of temperature sensors designed for potential use in transportation applications. The LTP Series feature a durable, closed-tip design that maximizes reliability in harsh applications.

The sensor’s thermistor sensing element effectively senses gases, liquids or solids because of its enhanced sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. Easy-to-install threaded mounting provides reliable operation in harsh environments. They are designed to meet the customer’s need for sensors that are configurable, backwards-compatible, durable, and allow customers to meet their specific application needs.

Potential Transportation Applications
* Ambient air temperature sensor
* Automatic transmission system
* Engine air inlet system
* Engine cooling system
* Engine lubrication system
* Fuel system
* Haldex coupling system
* Hydraulic pump systems


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