Crouzet Spotlight on Synchronous Motors


Spotlight on Synchronous Motors made by Crouzet Motors

Crouzet Motors

Developed in the late 60s, the AC synchronous motor (“tin can” type) designed by Crouzet Motors, has become the best-selling motor on the market today, with 2 million motors and geared motors sold in 2014.

Crouzet Motors offers about twenty standard configurations of 1 and 2-direction synchronous and stepper motors that are UL – CE – ROHS certified. All voltages and frequencies are available, allowing for installation into applications worldwide.

In association with 4 models of gearboxes, we offer a big number of different configurations covering the speed range from 150 rpm to as slow as 1 turn per week!

Crouzet motors are characterized by the nominal power from 0.3 to 5W and our gearboxes offer a maximum permissible torque from 0.5 to 5Nm.


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