Finder Introduces Its New 83.52 Multi-Function and Multi-Voltage Timer


Finder new 83.52 Multi-Function and Multi-Voltage Timer incorporates eight of the more specialised timing functions.

8352 Series

Utilising microprocessor electronics, the 83.52 is suitable for applications where it is necessary or desirable to have the timing period remotely adjustable – through the remote potentiometer facility. For example, for control of public showers, using the SHp, so called ‘shower’ function, or for other coin-triggered applications in general.

The timer may also be used, for example, where pool table lighting is controlled by a 83.52 mounted within the customer accessible coin acceptance box, but the time itself is controlled from behind the bar.

The output contacts are configurable as two timed, or one timed and one instantaneous, eliminating the need for an additional relay in self-hold applications.

Finder’s new 83.52 provides panel builders, systems integrators, OEMs and individual electricians with a more flexible and economical off-the-shelf solution to virtually any timing application.


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