Finder Presents Its New Thermostat, Type 1C.61


Finder’s new thermostat, the type 1C.61, with adjustment sliders designed to respond to the need for practicality, simplicity and comfort in the control of room temperature.

Uniquely innovative, the 1C.61 is the first “touch slide” capable of combining the simplicity of a touch screen display with exclusive “guided programming”, with the ease of adjustment of the 24 linear sliders for temperature setting.

The size and design make it unique at only 17mm thick and it is finished in an attractive white cream and grey. The cover, with spring assisted opening and closing, offers protection to the sliders from dust and gives continuity to the aesthetic curves.

The backlit display features large font size and “Dynamic” icons, offering excellent legibility. However, despite the large display and backlight, the advanced electronics of the new 1C.61 cleverly limits the power consumption, extending battery life up to 2 years.

Simple but fully featured: The 1C.61 fully justifies this slogan, since by entering the “setup” an extensive range of advanced features and functionality can be programmed.
For example, you can set the time of day to the nearest 15 minutes; the “day” function allows you to program any 1 of 3 modes (Off, Manual, Sliders) for each day of the week.
It is possible to make the display show the temperature of an (optional) external sensor, or even make it the main controlling sensor.

Innovative functions can be “set” to fully block changes to the thermostat (under PIN control), protecting all parameters entered including the settings of the sliders. Alternatively, a simple lock against the effect of accidental or malicious touching of the display buttons can be selected. The possibility of calibration to align the display to the perceived temperature is also an option.
A remote contact can be employed to alter the operation of the thermostat by forcing the output switch off manually or allowing it to follow the normal program. In case of difficulty the Reset function will restore all the factory settings, returning the product to “as purchased” state.
Finally, the manual timer (or vacation) setting has been simplified by adopting the concept of a “calendar”, whereby setting the time and date of the return from holiday ensures the thermostat will automatically return to the conditions of automatic programmed temperature control.


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