Schurter Common Mode Chokes now have UL Approval and Impedance Diagrams

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Schurter, as a leading supplier of EMC products is constantly improving the use of its products. The Schurter common mode chokes datasheets now contain impedance diagrams and cURus approval mark.

Current compensated chokes are used to attenuate asymmetrical noise. Such common mode noise is typical for switch circuits such as switching power supplies or inverters.  The compact chokes guarantee efficient disturbance suppression on the printed circuit board. Very compact types for surface mounting are also available as are chokes with wire leads for easy assembling for high power applications.

According to the noise level design engineers can easily select the right choke using the impedance diagram.  This may help to avoid many costly and time consuming measurements. Impedance diagrams are now available for all common mode chokes.

A safety certificate can be obtained even quicker due to the new UL approvals for our chokes.  All Schurter common mode chokes have now the combined UL and CSA approval mark cURus. They were successfully tested according to the UL 1283 and CSA 22.2 No. 8 standard. Approval marks and standards are now listed on all the data sheets.

Technical Features
– Rated Voltage 250 / 760 VAC
– Rated Current 300 mA – 50 A
– Rated inductance 0.5 mH – 100 mH
– Operating temperature -40 – 125 °C
– Multiple housing options available

– Switching power supplies
– Inverter
– Industrial electronic
– Lighting


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