Crouzet Motomate – The All-In-One Solution Dedicated to Programmable Motion Control


Motomate is a very compact brushless motorisation solution that incorporates a variable speed drive, EMC filter, logic controller (equivalent to Millenium 2), gearbox and encoder – packing in any more integrated features would be difficult! Ideal for applications requiring programmable motion control, this all-in-one function harnesses the best of Crouzet’s expertise in automation and motorisation.

The Motomate interface allows you to program intuitively using graphic blocks, providing a simple way of managing acceleration and braking ramps, cyclical movements, self-teaching limit stops, user-definable jam detection… and even interaction with control systems, sensors or actuators. So whether you are an electromechanic or an automation specialist, you have everything you need to broaden your portfolio with pre-programmed, ready-to-use functions.

In Brief

* 6 functions in a single unit
* Software in 5 languages
* Reduced cost and integration time
* Internal torque measurement
* Programmable motion management
* Programming via graphic blocks


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