Schurter UMF 250 Product Launch – Overcurrent Protection with Quick-Acting SMD Fuse

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Schurter is expanding its range of surface-mount fuses with the UMF 250. With its quick-acting characteristic according to IEC 60127- 4 the UMF 250 represents the logical addition to the successful UMT 250 series. The UMF 250 protects your electronic systems from overcurrents and short-circuits.

Schurter offers the UMF 250 in five rated currents from 500 mA to 10 A. The fuse is characterized by its high breaking capacity of up to 200 A at rated voltage. With the UMF 250 both primary and secondary protection on SMD PCBs is possible. Applications include protection of power supplies, medical equipment, and devices for home and industrial use.

As a RoHS compliant fuse, the UMF 250 can be used with lead-free soldering processes. The compatability of the solder pads with major competitors’ products allows SCHURTER to offer the UMF 250 as replacement product. Fuses according to IEC 60127-4 are considered as Universal Modular Fuses (UMF). Furthermore, the product includes the VDE and cURus approval.

Technical features
– Current range: 500 mA to 10 A
– Rated voltage: 250 VAC and 125 VDC, according to IEC
– Breaking capacity: 100 – 200 A @ 250 VAC, 100 – 200 A @ 125 VDC
– Characteristic: Quick-Acting, according to IEC 60127-4 (UMF: Universal Modular Fuse)
– Component size: 10.1 x 3 x 3 mm


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