Schaffner – Latest Generation Passive Filters for Low Harmonic 690V Drives

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Passive harmonic filters are an excellent tool for improving the compatibility of motor drives with the public power grid. Schaffner extends the popular ECOsine™ product range with filters for 690V systems, supporting a straightforward upgrade from standard motor drives to «low harmonic drives».

With the extension of the ECOsine™ product family, Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, is raising the bar for harmonic mitigation solutions anew. The new passive 690V harmonic filters are an ideal solution for 3-phase equipment with 6-pulse front-end rectifiers, like e.g. variable speed drives or battery chargers.

Frequency inverters for energy efficiency and speed control of electric motors can, in combination with ECOsine™ filters, be utilized as low harmonic drives, causing minimum system perturbation. As a result of the significant reduction in total harmonic current distortion (THID) to typically 5%, ECOsine™ filters can uniquely guarantee compliance with the toughest requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards. Drive and filter combined allow for unconditional use without the need for a costly power quality analysis in each case. The electrical infrastructure is reliably unburdened, transformers are utilized much more effectively, and the failure rate of neighboring electrical consumers is reduced.

The new ECOsine™ filters FN341xHV are rated for 690VAC/50Hz grids like those often used in chemical plants, in oil and gas exploration, or in heavy industry. The filters are available as a standard for diode rectifiers (FN3410HV) and upon request for thyristor rectifiers (FN3411HV). They come in common steps of power rating from 7.5 to 250kW. The compact filters are designed with IP20 rated enclosures, suitable for cabinet integration or for wall mounting in electrical utility rooms.


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