Schurter PSE Family Piezo Switches With Seal-Tight Protection Meet Highest Standard Class IP69K.

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By achieving the seal-tight protection class of IP69K, SCHURTER is extending the spectrum of potential applications for its already tried-and-tested PSE family of piezo switches. The qualification test was carried out using a high-pressure vapor stream at 90 Bar and a temperature of 80°C.

The hermetically sealed piezo switches can now be used in areas, which are regularly disinfected or cleaned using high-pressure cleaners. This renders them ideal for use in applications exposed to high levels of dirt and grime such as food processing, commercial cooking and transportation.

Besides the extraordinarily long lifetime of more than 20 million switching cycles, SCHURTER piezo switches also reveal a high level of robustness due to their stainless steel or aluminum housing.

The following mounting diameters are available as standard: 16, 19, 22, 24, 27 and 30 mm. Other mounting diameters, materials, colors and shapes are possible, according to individual design requirements.

Point or ring illumination is offered in mounting sizes 22 mm and up. This feature can be used to illuminate the actuating surface in a continuous mode or to display the switch position on or off.

Laser lettering is available and done in house to minimize lead times. A broad range of standard legends and symbols are available. Customer-specific inscriptions are also available.


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