NEW from WERMA: LED Signal Tower CleanSIGN

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The new LED signal tower CleanSIGN from WERMA has been specially developed for use in food and hygiene areas as well as cleanroom applications.  Right from the start, existing standards and guidelines were given careful consideration and experts in the field of Hygienic Design were called upon for advice.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, its smooth surfaces and the materials employed, CleanSIGN meets the high requirements of “Hygienic Design”, thus making a significant contribution to the safe and clean manufacture of food and drink, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Unique “Hygienic Design” Signal Tower


What Advantages Does the New CleanSIGN Offer?
* Food safety due to the absence of uneven surfaces, raised or countersunk elements where
  contamination could collect
* Cleaning-friendly and hygienic design to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting
* Use of food safe materials (FDA approval) and resistant to cleaning agents
* Maintenance-free LED technology with a long life in excess of 50,000 hours
* EHEDG and Fraunhofer IPA approved
* Fulfills Air Cleanliness Class 2 for Cleanroom applications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
* IP 67/IP 69k protection rating
* Simple fixing and connection
* Pine Tree Clip® for quick and simple fixing
* Electronic modularity of the individual tiers
* Integrated high-output buzzer

What Benefits Do You Enjoy?
1) High safety and quality of your products
   * Prevents impurities
   * Reduces the risk of contamination

2) Reduces the cleaning workload
   * Cleaning-friendly design simplifies residue-free removal of contaminants
   * Quicker, more efficient cleaning saves energy, material and cleaning agents

3) Higher productivity
   * Reduction of equipment down-time leading to lower operating costs
   * Maintenance-free LED technology with a life in excess of 50,000 hours


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