Honeywell, RPN Series, Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensor for Harsh Conditions


New Sensor Features Extended Operating Ranges, Supply Voltages
and Output Configurations to Simplify Control System Compatibility

Honeywell introduces 17 new RPN Series Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors that simplify customer use by providing the inputs, outputs and voltage ranges needed for nearly any control system.

Eight operating ranges up to 360° give customers greater control system accuracy by allowing them to select a range more closely suited to their application. Five supply voltage outputs (5 Vdc to 30 Vdc) and eight output configurations (mA or Vdc) improve compatibility with a variety of control systems. Linearity as low as ±0.35° provides customers with increased measurement precision. This precision can be essential depending on the application. Two connector choices (AMP Superseal, Deutsch) satisfy customer connection requirements. The RPN Series’ products also share the same footprint, eliminating special recalibrations and simplifying use.

RPN Series.jpg

The RPN Series sensors use solid state Hall-effect technology, providing non-contact operation, enhancing service life and reducing wear-out mechanisms. This Series uses a magnetically based, Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) to sense rotary movement of the actuator shaft over an operating range. The IC, together with conditioning and protection circuitry and two permanent magnets, is sealed in a rugged package of IP67 or greater for durability in harsh environments. A dual output version is available for redundancy and backup.

This product introduction extends a robust portfolio of position sensors that are found in thousands of vehicles and equipment worldwide. Potential applications include position and movement detection of pedals, throttle, gear shift, levers, linkages suspension and hitches in trucks; off-road vehicles; industrial and construction vehicles and equipment; agricultural vehicles and equipment; and cranes.


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