New Models, FN9222, FN9233, Added to Schaffner High Performance EMC Filtered IEC Inlet Modules

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Schaffner’s new IEC inlet EMC filters offer small
form factor, cost effective performance attenuation.

Schaffner, the international leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, has extended its range of filtered IEC inlets in response to a strong demand for a wide mounting flange version coming from the Asian market as well as the need to have backward compatible products for older models nearing their end of life. The new larger mounting flange offers an increased conductive area for safety and optimum filter performance.

This enlargement of the FN9222 IEC Inlet filter series meets growing market demand and completes the FN9222 filter series. At the same time the opportunity has been taken to rationalise the whole of Schaffner’s IEC inlet filter range by integrating the functionality of the existing FN321 filter within the current FN 9233 series. The new FN 9222 and FN 9233 IEC Inlet filter families employ the same standardised housing and materials ensuring cost effective filter solutions for Schaffner’s customers.

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The new FN 9222U features the new wide mounting flange, is rated up to 15A and has the usual options available such as an on board bleed resistor and a medical version. The FN 9222UZ filter also has the wide mounting flange version and includes a metal oxide varistor (MOV) for surge pulse protection.

The FN9233UF2 completes the extension to Schaffner’s filtered IEC connector range updates. It also features the wide mounting flange and in addition includes two X capacitors, one at line side and one at load side. The Y-capacitors are increased from 2.2nF to 3.3nF. This gives the FN 9233UF2 better high frequency attenuation performance.

The new high performance, small form-factor FN 9222 and FN 9233 products share many common features such as rated currents up to 15A, excellent attenuation performance, optional earth line choke, optional medical versions (B type), snap-in versions (S and S1 type) and hot inlet versions (HI type).

The FN 9233 and FN 9233E IEC inlet filter modules have been developed for systems or switching power supply units that require a high level of interference suppression. Compared with the standard FN 9222 filter family the new FN 9233 series offers higher symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation performance. The FN 9222E and FN 9233E IEC inlet filters also include an earth line choke, for applications requiring the reduction of interference signals on the earth line.

Paul Dixon, Managing Director of Schaffner comments. ”Our FN 9222 and FN 9233 IEC filter connectors now offer the widest range and best value ever available from Schaffner. Integrating the IEC connector and EMC filter not only offers our customers a reduced component count, it also reduces cost and assists the system designer to gain EMC approvals. The new FN 9233 offers up to 6dB more attenuation than our existing FN 9222 in the same package size. These new IEC filtered connectors provide a safe, high quality mains connection and filter solution.”

The complete range of new FN 9222 and FN 9233 IEC mains inlet filters are available direct from Schaffner and a number of global distribution sources. Typical applications include electrical and electronic equipment, consumer goods, test and measurement equipment, rack mounted systems, electronic data processing and point of sale systems, office automation and Datacomms equipment.


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