Highly Robust MSM Double Pole Metal Line Switch by Schurter

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Schurter’s MSM metal switch series has been extended to include a version with a double pole contact system. The new MSM DP switch is designed with two separate switching contacts. The separate contacts can be used as normally open, normally closed or as change-over. The MSM DP is ideal for potential free momentary switching action of electrical equipment. Furthermore, the switch can be used in applications where an additional second contact is required for a safety circuit. Typical applications are emergency switches where the control loop is switched, and in addition a second circuit for emergency services is activated.


Due to its flat front construction of 1.7 mm, a protection class of IP67 and a high shock resistance, the switch is extremely robust against vandalism. The MSM DP is available in mounting dimensions 19, 22 and 30 mm. The standard type is designed with switching capacities up to 3A / 250 VAC and 5A / 125 VAC respectively. For applications having other switching capacities, alternative variants are available on request. For night applications or where optical status indications are desired, point and ring illuminated versions in different colours are available.


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