Bulgin Waterproof SMB Antenna


The Buccaneer Antenna is a robust and completely waterproof antenna specifically developed for three popular frequency bands.

Integrating the antenna with its waterproof connector can reduce the total number of connectors in the RF chain, reducing insertion losses, effectively increasing the total system gain.

The PX0407 covers the 2.4GHz band popular for wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Zigbee, while the PX0408 covers the UHF 440-470MHz band popular for general purpose radio applications and the PX0409 covers the 850-900/1800/1900MHz bands popular for GSM/Cellular applications.


Designed to the same style as Bulgin’s SMB Buccaneer, the sealed antenna has an integrated SMB connector with an overall diameter of just 19mm and the mating panel connector has a panel fixing hole of 16mm diameter. Rated at IP68, the antenna provides complete protection from harsh environments, and all electrical connections are gold plated to ensure system performance and reliability is maintained.

The mating panel connector, PX0414, with an SMB jack, is terminated with RG-174 cable in 0.5m, 1.0m or 1.5m lengths, this provides fast assembly to the panel and only requires termination into the equipment.

Having a two-part solution with removable antenna and panel connector makes installation and testing a much simpler process, whilst also ensuring that the environmental seal and enclosure integrity are maintained.

Typical application areas are industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio for instrumentation and telemetry systems, including Zigbee. Additional applications are base stations and outdoor hotspot installations, specifically for wireless LAN, GSM and Bluetooth communication equipment.


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