New Additions to ABB’s Phase Monitors (CM series) ABB Now Offers a Complete Range of Three-Phase Monitors


Only reliable, continuous monitoring of the three-phase supply can ensure  trouble-free and efficient operation of motors, machines and equipment. ABB now offers a comprehensive range of 22.5 mm, within the CM series, to protect sensitive equipment from adverse three-phase voltages. The product range extends from the full protection
multifunction three-phase monitor, CM-MPS, to single-function devices for monitoring single parameters.

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The CM-MPS is a multifunction monitoring relay. It monitors all phase parameters including: phase sequence, phase failure, over- and undervoltage and phase unbalance. It is available with or without monitoring of the neutral conductor. Seven devices with a graded scope of functions complete the CM product range. The new devices for three-phase voltage monitoring, CM-PVS and CM-PSS along with the CM-PAS for monitoring phase unbalance, offer functions adapted to the relevant requirements and facilitate the accurate monitoring of three-phase mains.

The characteristics of the three-phase monitors are:
• Phase failure monitoring
• Phase sequence detection*
• Over- and undervoltage monitoring (fixed or adjustable)*
• Adjustable phase unbalance threshold*
• Adjustable delay time, and selectable ON-delay or OFF-delay function*
• Dual-frequency,  50/60 Hz operation
• Powered by the measuring circuit 
• 1 n/o, 1 or 2 c/o  contacts
• LED for status indication
• Wide operating voltage range

*Depends on device type


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