Honeywell Introduces R300 Series Temperature Sensor


Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability in Harsh High-Temperature

Honeywell introduced its R300 Series Temperature Sensor for use in potential EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) applications where operating temperatures can reach 300 °C [572 °F]. The R300 Series Temperature Sensor features enhanced reliability, accuracy and responsiveness which helps optimize fuel economy and engine performance.


The purpose of an EGR system on an engine is to reduce NOx (nitrous oxide and nitrous dioxide) emissions by cooling and recirculating exhaust gas back into the engine. The R300 helps the EGR system optimize those NOx emission controls.

The R300 Series uses RTD (resistance temperature detector) technology and features a robust, stainless steel closed-tip design to enhance reliability in aggressive environments. It provides an excellent response time as demonstrated by validation testing required by the transportation industry. The R300 also features an integral connector.

The R300 Series Temperature Sensor expands Honeywell’s existing temperature probe product portfolio designed for the transportation industry, namely the ES110-, ES115- and ES120-Series. The R300 Series is designed for potential use in heavy duty vehicle engine (oil, coolant, fuel and air inlet temperature sensing) applications.


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