Crydom PCB Mount Solid-State Relays


Big Power in a Small Package!  Crydom PCB Mount Solid-State Relays Reduce Panel Space Requirements While Maintaining Power Capabilities

Crydom, an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and North American Leader in solid state relays, announces the most extensive line of standard and custom PCB mount power solid state relays available to the European and Asian markets. These relays offer ratings from 1 amp to 25 amps (forced air) at line voltages up to 660Vac., which makes them ideal for literally hundreds of commercial and industrial switching applications. Their compact design is also well suited for high-density PCB applications. Moreover, these relays contain no moving parts, which provides for silent operation and life expectancies at full-load current in excess of 50 times most electromechanical relays.

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These compact solid state relays are ideal for use in numerous commercial & industrial applications, including: electromechanical relay replacement, pump control systems, gaming equipment, vending machines, security systems, medical equipment, solenoid control, packaging equipment, printing machines, and much more.

Versions are available with either a zero-crossing (resistive loads) or random turn-on (inductive / phase control loads) output. UL Recognition, CSA Certification, VDE Approval, and CE Compliance available on most models.

• Ratings up to 25A (forced air) @ 660V AC
• SCR output for heavy industrial or commercial loads (most versions)
• Available in standard in-line, mini in-line, or dual in-line packages
• Life expectancy in excess of 50x typical electro- mechanical relays at full-load current
• No moving parts eliminates all acoustical noise
• Not sensitive to magnetic fields
• Custom models available upon request
• RoHS Compliant


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