Moeller’s Versatile New Breakers Switch 15kA

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Just 17.5mm wide for single pole versions and 52.5mm wide for triple-pole types, Moeller Electric’s new Xpole FAZ miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) have a breaking capacity of 15kA, in line with IEC/EN6094. This makes them an attractive and cost-effective choice for use in industrial applications where space is always at a premium, and high prospective fault currents are often encountered.

In addition to the standard B, C and D trip characteristics, Moeller is offering Xpole FAZ MCBs with the new Z, K and S characteristics, which are of particular interest to OEMs and designers of automation systems.


Specifically designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment, the Z characteristic has a short-circuit response current of 2 to 3 In, combined with quick-reaction overload protection. The K characteristic has a short-circuit response current of 8 to 12 In, which prevents nuisance tripping with three-phase loads such as motors, while the S characteristic with its exceptionally high 13 to 17 In short-circuit response provides a complete solution to the problem of protecting control transformers and other loads with very high inrush currents.

Moeller Electric’s new Xpole FAZ MCBs are available with ratings from 0.5A to 63A, and are offered in single-, double-, three- and four-pole versions. All types comply with a broad range of national and international standards, including UL and CSA, there is even a special series of devices which fully comply with UL489.

A range of accessories, which includes auxiliary signalling contacts and shunt-trip mechanisms, provides additional functionality. To ensure fast and easy assembly, most accessories simply snap into place without the need to use tools. The breakers themselves are designed for convenient mounting on standard DIN rail.

The new compact Xpole FAZ MCBs are complemented by an extensive family of RCCBs, combined RCD/MCBs (RCBOs) and control devices. The PKNM combined RCD/MCBs offer triple protection in a single device, namely overload, short-circuit and residual current protection in the space of only two MCB widths. Catering for either B or C characteristics, they are available from 6A to 40A with rated fault currents of 30mA or 300mA.

Xpole type AZ MCBs are also available for use in applications where current ratings up to 125A and a switching capacity greater than 15kA is needed.


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