New Features Enhance Finder 2-pole and 4-pole Power Relays


Finder has announced an update to its 56 series relays, which now provide enhanced functionality during installation and test.

The updated series of 2-pole and 4-pole power relays feature as standard on all models a test button and mechanical indicator for manual operation during test and commissioning. The full range now offers as options an indicator LED to show operational status; in particular the DC coil versions feature twin LEDs, making them insensitive to polarity. All of the models feature a new printed front plate showing the full part number, contact rating and coil voltage, and both the new pushbutton and the coil housing are colour-coded for rapid visual identification of AC or DC models.


The six models in the 56 series provide the capability of switching higher current loads with the option of up to four changeover contacts. They are typically used by OEMs, panel builders and end users in applications including the switching of single phase motors, solenoid operation with feedback monitoring signals, multi-element heating loads and various types of lighting. The provision of plug-in, PCB and an extended range of rail and flange-mounting options and adaptors, along with a complementary range of sockets, suppression modules and accessories, allows maximum flexibility of both mounting and connection.

Standard contact material is cadmium-free, but alternative contact materials are on offer to suit inductive or capacitive loads.

The relays are rated as standard at up to 12A at 250V AC with maximum peak values of 20A and 400V AC. A 400V AC coil version is also available for use in industrial applications where a neutral connection is not available.


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