SCHURTER Filtered Power Entry Module Adds a New Twist to a Popular Style

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SCHURTER is pleased to announce the new series 5120 Filtered Power Entry Module, added to a list of proven predecessors.  Refined for optimal performance in the smallest package, the new compact filter is particularly suited for single-phase power supplies used in Industrial equipment, Information Technology Equipment and Medical Devices, which are governed by stringent EMC emission and immunity standards.

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The series is dimensioned as a 1-stage filter for rated currents 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 15A. The unit has an outstanding wide-band absorption in the frequency range from 100kHz to 30 MHz with a leakage current standard <0.5mA and medical <5uA. Mounting options include a front or rear side mounting version for traditional screw and nut mounting, or rivet mounting. A version specifically for rear side mounting features pre-formed, threaded holes for M3 screws. This version eliminates the handling of nuts, reducing costs and automating assembly. The large housing contact area assures optimal shielding. The 5120 fulfill the requirements according to IEC/EN/UL 60950 for use in IT equipment and IEC/EN/UL for use in medical equipment. It is pending certification according to ENEC for rated currents up to 10A and UL/CSA up to 15A at 250 VAC. The filters are also available in a protection class II version according to IEC 61140, and can be equipped with special class X1 capacities for enhanced surge withstand voltage protection.   Enquiry Form:

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