CML New Xenon Filled Lamps Burn Brighter for Longer


February 2006 – A new range of Xenon filled wedge based lamps is available from CML-IT. Designed for use in a variety of automotive, gaming machinery, aviation, signalisation and architectural applications, the latest Xenon lamps are currently available in three different models: 1503X (14V 3.4W rating, T10 size, 10000 hour life), 501x (12V 5W rating, T10 size, 3000 hour life) and 1260X (12V 6W rating, T10 size, 1000 hour life).

CML Xenon lamps.jpg

Xenon bulbs offer numerous advantages over traditional Argon, Krypton or Vacuum filled lamps. The new devices offer suppressed tungsten evaporation meaning a cleaner, longer burn with less blackening. A three times longer life and an increased light output by typically 30% more luminous flux are further benefits.

Bulb wall temperature is 30°C lower compared with corresponding Argon filled lamps. This is significant when the devices are in close proximity to surrounding plastic or wood materials, which could be damaged. Furthermore, Xenon lamps also benefit from a whiter light. A higher filament temperature provides excellent contrast ratio and affords attractive sparkling appearance to the eye.


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