CML Innovative Technologies – LED Traffic Lights Results in Reduced Running Costs and Fewer Maintenance Calls


CML Innovative Technologies recently announced its new generation of traffic lights using latest LED technology. Featuring a lower power consumption than conventional signalling units, the new range of LED traffic lights also benefits from reduced running costs and heat generation, leading to longer unit life and fewer maintenance calls.

Available in both High Brite and High Flux versions the units come in 210mm or 300mm diameter format and offer a range of voltages (40V, 130V and 240V), making them suitable for signalling applications all across Europe.

CompoCML4 (2).jpg

The new range of cost-effective LED traffic lights is not only designed for road traffic control but can also be used in a variety of other signalling applications such as railway, construction, airport, loading bays and overhead.

CML Innovative Technologies LED traffic lights are available in both large and small quantities to allow sampling on projects.


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