E-T-A’s Wide Range of Circuit Protection Solutions

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers designs and manufactures a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic components and sub-systems for circuit protection, control and instrumentation, including the world’s largest programme of circuit breakers for equipment (CBEs). Alongside examples of systems solutions, the company will be showcasing electronic circuit breakers for the protection of circuits in factory automation systems, as well as flow meters and level sensors for the process industry.  

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The E-T-A ESS20 electronic circuit breaker selectively protects individual output circuits from switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). It provides advanced circuit protection for loads such as sensors, actuators, field bus couplers and controls. In combination with an E-T-A power distribution system, Module 17plus or SVS02, the ESS20 offers optimum utilisation of cabinet space, as well as minimising wiring and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The company offers CBEs with current ratings from 50mA up to 500A. Activation mechanisms include thermal, thermal magnetic, magnetic and magnetic hydraulic. They include high performance products for aircraft, and specialised circuit protection devices for buses, trucks, workboats and pleasure boats. In addition to a wide range of standard products, many of which can themselves be adapted to specific requirements, E-T-A specialises in providing customised solutions. This is a complete service extending from design and prototyping through to full production of sub-systems such as 19″ subracks, fully populated and pre-wired with plug-in CBEs. These solutions may be anything, from simple brackets and bus bars to more complex assemblies built and supplied ready to fit and forget. As circuit protection specialists, E-T-A has the expertise and in-depth knowledge of its products to ensure that the most suitable ones are chosen to optimise the design and produce the most cost-effective solution.


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