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Schurter Series 4750 IEC Strip-Block Type F

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• Choice from 2 up to 7 Outlets
• Cord Retention and Optional Light Pipes
• Hard-Wired Bus Variants Configurable
• Available in Black, Grey or White

The demands on power distribution units are very individual. For this reason, Schurter is launching the 4750 series, an appliance socket strip with maximum flexibility and an unprecedented range of variants.

For those who like to configure their power distribution units exactly according to their needs will find the perfect solution for every conceivable application in the new SCHURTER Series 4750.

The Wide Range of Variants
The number of outlets can be freely configured from 2 to a maximum of 7, whereby each outlet already has a cord retention system (horizontal or vertical). This is an indispensable requirement for power distribution units in data center applications or in medical technology.

Furthermore, the 4750 appliance strip-block is available in a wide range of Terminal variants (PCB, solder or Quick Connect versions) as well as with freely configurable light pipes to indicate an individual status.

To keep track in 3-phase systems, the 4750 series is available in three different colors white, grey or black.

Reduction of Manufacturing Effort
A highlight are four possible hard-wired bus variants (L/N/PE, N/PE, PE or PE/L), which again massively reduce the wiring effort while manufacturing. This as a further goal to offer a product, perfectly fitted to the customer’s needs.


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Hylec Launches New Versatile Debox 11 Junction Box

Debox 11 IP66/IP67-Rated Surface-Mounted Electrical Junction Box for Exterior and Interior Projects: Features 8 x M20 threaded membrane entry points; 2x additional base entry points; five x 3-lever screwless connectors included.

Hylec-APL, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic components, announces the launch of Debox 11, a versatile and robust IP66/IP67-rated surface-mounted junction box with a total of ten cable entries and five 3–way lever connectors. Specifically designed for interior or exterior use on projects such as exterior lighting, outbuildings and anywhere exposed to water or dust ingress such as industrial environments, Debox 11 is the latest junction box to join Hylec’s innovative and highly-successful multi-million unit selling Debox family. Like the rest of the Debox junction box family, Debox 11 saves electrical professionals installation time with its thoughtful, ergonomic design.

Debox 11 features ten cable entry points – two on each side and a further two in the base of the box. All have soft membrane covers, giving a quick puncture-entry self-sealing system rated to IP66. The eight side-entry points also have a M20 size threaded entry for cable glands, with no requirement for an internal locknut, giving a higher protection rating of IP67.

Wires are easily and quickly connected into the five x 3-lever screwless connectors which are supplied with Debox 11. Minimum cable diameter is 3mm, maximum 12mm. Voltage maximum is 400V, 32A. Internally the five connectors are held securely by moulded mountings. Also should the application require a PCB, Debox 11 has four PCB fixing posts in the base to take a PCB mounting plate. After inserting the wires, the Debox 11 lid is securely fastened with two included captive lid screws.

For secure external fixing, Debox 11 offers two alternative convenient mounting methods: for internal fixing, there are four screw fixing points in the corners (which do not pierce the housing and therefore do not compromise the IP rating); or for external fixing, there are two unique fixing lugs located on the sides, which preclude the need for external mounting fixtures.

The robust Debox 11 housing is manufactured from black, RAL9003 flame-retardant, impact-resistant polypropylene and is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -30degC to +100degC. Dimensions are 85mm wide x 85mm deep x 53mm high.


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Entrelec PVC Insulated Terminals & Splices

Crimp Technology: Connection Capacity: from 0.26 mm² to 6 mm² – 22 to 10 AWG

The PVC pre-insulated solderless Terminals and Splices are designed to answer all standard applications. The quality, performance, and ease of installation make them ideal for many industrial and commercial installations. Carefully engineered Application Tooling has been designed in conjunction with the terminal to promote ease and speed of application. The wire and wire barrel together form a connection of high conductivity and tensile strength, while the tin plating provides good resistance to corrosion.

Sustainable Connection
• Serrations in the crimp barrel provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping
• High conductivity copper body
• Tin plating provide good resistance to corrosion

Easy to Install
• Easy installation with TE tooling and crimp-performance guaranteed
• Red, Blue and Yellow color coding to ease the product selection in the workshop and the crimp cavity identification on TE tooling
• Funneled wire entry on terminal prevents turned back wire strands and permits rapid wire insertion during high speed production
• PVC Insulation sleeve provides good dielectric strength and supports the wire insulation so that no bare wire is exposed

For All Your Needs
• Compatible with all standard applications: (Panel boxes, Motors, Switchgear, Power supplies, Instruments/controls, Lighting, Transportation, HVAC, Maintenance,…)
• UL & CSA Approved when applied with corresponding approved tooling
• 600 V Operating Voltage
• 105°C Max Operating Temperature


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Entrelec IPX8 Instant Connectors

IDC technology: Connection Capacity: from 0.75 to 4 mm² – 18 to 12 AWG

IPX8 are the fastest, easiest and most convenient wire connectors in the industry for Indoor and outdoor installations. The IDC (Insulation Displacement Technology) allows the installer the convenience of not having to prepare the wire before installation. Simply pick the correct connector for the wire gauge selected and crimp the terminal using a standard set of pliers by pushing the button to complete the process.

Instant Connection:
Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires with insulation displacement technology (IDC).
No Special Tool Required:
All installation connectors allow for push button termination using a common pair of pliers.
Easy Wire Size Identification:
Red, yellow & blue color coded termination buttons take the guess work out of matching wire size to appropriate connector.


Independent Connections:
Easy factory or field installation using independent left and right side push button termination.
Visual Control:
The design includes a clear body material for visual inspection of the connection.
Easy To Assemble Together:
Flexibility in multi-pair termination design with stacking feature.

Protection Against Water and Dust:
The gel inside the connectors gives an IPX8 Ingress Protection (2 hours, 1 m under water).
Large Wire Size Range:
Connection capacity from 0.75 to 4 mm² (18 to 12 AWG) and connectors with mixed cross-sections.
Large Temperature Range:
Resist to an ambient temperature from -40°C to 75°C. Operating temperature between -40°C and 105°C.


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Eaton Moeller SmartWire-DT Intelligent Wiring Solution

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• Rapid Wiring: up to 85% Faster
• A Future-Proof System: IoT Ready
• Compact: Space Savings of up to 40% Inside the Control Panel

SmartWire-DT replaces the PLC inputs and outputs that were previously necessary, which saves space inside the control panel. At the same time, it serves as the basis for industry 4.0 solutions.

SmartWire-DT can be used to connect various components inside and outside the control panel in a time-saving and simple manner. This leads to significant time and costs savings in machine and system design. The SmartWire-DT solution also replaces error-prone point-to-point wiring and enables uniform communication with all system components.

In addition, SmartWire-DT serves as an intelligent wiring system and provides information from across the entire network. As a result, users receive detailed application data in real time that can be used for early diagnostics. SmartWire-DT users thus benefit from increased productivity, preventive maintenance and optimised system availability.

Core Features:
• A reduction in project planning costs of up to 70 %
• The system can easily be expanded inside and outside the control panel
• Can also be used in extensive systems over a distance of up to 600 meters
• An intelligent connection system that provides detailed data from across the entire network
• Flexible maintenance from any location and at any time thanks to remote data access
• Can be used at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +55 °C (IP20) and -20 °C to +70 °C (IP65)

Integrated System
The SmartWire-DT system includes a wide range of components, which can be quickly and easily connected, either directly via the integrated interface or via function modules. The available components include pilot devices, contactors, motor starters, variable frequency drives and hydraulic modules. SmartWire-DT can be easily integrated into existing applications via the SWD gateway, and the system can either be connected to a PLC via industrial communication protocols, or to an Eaton HMI/PLC touch display with integrated SmartWire-DT interface.

A Simple Plug-And-Work Solution
Depending on the selected bus system of the higher-level controller, up to 99 modules can be connected using a single SmartWire-DT cable, with a total length of up to 600 m. The SmartWire-DT connection cable forms the heart of the system. A ribbon cable is used to connect switchgear inside the control panel, while a round cable connects sensors and actuators to IP67 SWD devices outside of it. The strengths of this intelligent system are particularly evident when it comes to the design and construction of standard machines. The SWD connectors can easily be pre-configured on the ribbon cable, which saves time during project planning and wiring. The connectors also prevent wiring errors, which reduces the time required for wire testing and commissioning by up to 70%.


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