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Hylec-APL Offers the DE01 Series Pre-Installed IP67 Control Stations

Hylec-APL now offers the DE01 range of pre-installed control stations which combine tough IP67 enclosures with hard wearing push button and selector switches reducing time spent on-site. Installation is further aided thanks to unique, snap-on brackets for easy wall, chassis and DIN mounting.

DE01 Series*  Variety of sizes and depths to accommodate different application requirements
*  Thick walls constructed from robust ABS material
*  Up to IP67 protection depending on switch options
*  Snap-on bracket mounting available for DIN rail or chassis / wall mounting
*  Selection of push button and selector switch types and combinations are available
*  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications
*  All products comply fully with ROHS and REACH standards



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Now the Eaton Moeller Series SmartWire-DT Is Smarter than Ever!

The revolutionary SmartWire-DT system from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, which virtually eliminates the need for conventional control wiring in panels and on machines, is now even more versatile and convenient. This follows the addition of devices with integral SmartWire-DT connectivity to two key product ranges – easy800 control relays and PKE motor-protection circuit breakers.

In many applications, easy800 programmable control relays with SmartWire-DT make it possible to implement sophisticated control systems without the need to use programmable controllers (PLCs), which means big savings in costs and complexity. In addition, Eaton’s easySoft-Pro software makes easy800 relays simple to program, even for users who have no specialist programming knowledge or experience.

The new easy800 relays are suitable for applications with up to 320 I/O and are programmed using straightforward and well-known ladder diagram techniques. The easySoft-Pro programming software now includes SmartWire Assist to configure external devices, allowing control systems that incorporate the new relays to be drawn, configured, programmed and tested using just this one intuitive software package.

Equally well suited for use in control systems based on easy800 relays, and those based on conventional PLCs, PKE motor-protection circuit breakers with SmartWire-DT allow users to monitor the operation of their motors in detail and in real time. The PKE units can report via the SmartWire-DT connection a wide range of operating parameters that include motor current, motor fault conditions and overload status. This is achieved without the need for additional hardware like current transformers and specialist relays, which are not only costly to buy, but are also inconvenient to fit and wire.

A key benefit of the information supplied by PKE units with SmartWire-DT connectivity is that, in many cases, it allows developing problems to be identified and addressed before a motor trip occurs, thereby greatly reducing downtime and costly production losses.

SmartWire-DT from Eaton is a powerful and versatile communications system that enables switching and control devices, such as contactors, circuit breakers and pushbuttons, as well as analogue I/O devices, to be connected quickly and simply using pre-fabricated plug-in cables. This saves time in building and testing control systems, as well as virtually eliminating the risk of wiring errors while greatly increasing the ease with which future modifications can be made.


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Crydom Introduces the DRA Series of Din Rail Mounted AC & DC Output Solid State Contactors & Motor Reversing Contactors


The expanded DRA Series now includes compact DIN Rail Mounted 3 Phase AC Solid State Contactors, 3 Phase AC Solid State Motor Reversing Contactors, and DC Solid State Motor Reversing Contactors!

Crydom introduces its expanded offer of DRA Series compact DIN Rail Mounted Solid State Contactors. Complementing existing single channel and four channel AC and DC output DRA Series, the new models include 3 phase UL approved AC output ratings of either 1 or 2 horse power at 480 VAC in both contactor and motor reversing configurations, and UL approved DC output ratings of ¼ horse power at 90 or 180 VDC. IEC 60947 ratings are available as well for both AC and DC output DRA Series.

DRA Series 3 Phase Contactors feature an SCR output all solid state design with 4000 VAC optical isolation, AC or logic compatible DC control inputs, both with input status indicator, UL approved motor and AC output resistive load ratings of either 2.4 or 4.2 amps per phase from 48 to 510 VAC. Motor reversing models also include a control interlock feature that allows only off, forward and reverse operation.

DRA Series DC Motor Reversing models feature a FET output all solid state design with 2500 VAC optical isolation, logic compatible DC control inputs with input status indicator, and UL approved motor and DC output resistive load ratings of either 6 A @ 180 V and 12 A @ 90 V.

Designed for easy mounting to standard 35 mm DIN Rail, the new DRA Series of 3 Phase AC and DC output Solid State Contactors and Motor Reversers are available in a variety of input and output ratings.


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Kraus & Naimer DC Switch Disconnectors for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Supply Systems

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A growing requirement for DC switch disconnectors for solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems has motivated Kraus & Naimer to introduce a brand new range of disconnectors specifically designed for this particular DC application.

With rated operational currents from 16 amps to 64 amps and voltages from 450 to 800 using a utilization category of DC-22A, a solution for most isolator applications within the solar photovoltaic market can be found.


Available in a totally insulated enclosure with the option of a red/yellow or grey /black padlockable handle and with a degree of protection to IP 66/67 they can be installed in the most arduous of environments.

To complement this series a complete range of AC switch disconnectors is also available in totally insulated enclosures, this enables the contractor to obtain his switch disconnector requirements for the entire installation from one source.

A new up to date catalogue giving part numbers and technical details is available on request.




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Kraus & Naimer KF-SWITCHES: 16A – 32A

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The new KF-series features exceptionally large isolation distances and offers high AC-23A motor ratings.  It covers the range from 16A to 32A and offers disconnect capability of up to 1000V according to IEC 947.  The rotary contact system incorporated in a new type of modular contact block allows high mechanical life expectancy and precise and reliable contact making.

The innovative modular system is both simple and very safe while offering enormous flexibility.  All available modules can be combined, exchanged or added in the field, as can the very precisely working cam-operated auxiliary contacts.  The position of the various modules in relation to each other
can be defined by the user or, if preferred, preassembled in the factory.

KF Switch

* Coupling profile determines pre-closing function of switched 4th pole,
  i.e. contact modules per se are always the same

* Rotating contact movement (instead of classical vertical lifting) allows
  big contact gaps
  high mechanical life expectancy
  very precise movement sequence
  self-cleaning contacts
  forced opening and closing of contacts

* Compact (very shallow) design

* Up to 1000V insulation voltage according to IEC possible

* Lateral drive possible (latching module not in the centre but on left or right hand side)

* Visible contacts (windows) available on request

* Design allows a big variation of terminal markings

* Removal from DIN rail can be done without tool change (screw driver for cross-recessed screws sufficient)


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Kraus & Naimer G20(S) – The Newly Designed G-Line DC-Switch

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With the newly designed G20 the “Knife contacts” have been designed in a new way resulting in a switching capacity of 20 Amps at 1000V DC (DC-22A) and high short circuit withstand capability.  Finger-proof terminals according to EN 50274 and protection degree IP20 offer maximum safety.


In combination with a standard latching mechanism, the G20 complies with all regulations required for main switches according to IEC/EN 60204.  In addition the G20 is also ideal for AC-applications with high short circuit fault levels, as well as electronic circuitry with low current and voltages.

Of course the G20 can also be combined with many optional extras from the Kraus & Naimer product line.

 * Self-cleaning and vibration resistant knife contacts

* Compact design

* High DC switching capacity

* Highest contact reliability (better than any H-bridge contact system)

* High short circuit withstand capability

* Finger-proof terminals (IP20) even if jumper links are used

* Terminal extensions (accessory item) for ring type cable lugs (max. width 6mm) and quick connect lugs will be made available

* Heat resistant contact system according to standard EN 12101-3

G20 – with normal latching
G20S – with snap-action latching


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The New Power Supply CP-E Range of ABB


Power without any doubts

Modern power supplies are a vital component in most areas of energy management and automation technology. The new CP-E range power supplies are the youngest members of the ABB power supply family. This range offers types with output voltages from 5 V DC to 48 V DC at output currents of 0.625 A to 3 A.

CP-E Power supplies.jpg

A high thermal efficiency corresponding with low power and heat dissipation, allow the operation without forced cooling. Functionality has been enhanced while the number of different types has been considerably reduced.

All power supplies of the new CP-E range are approved to all relevant world-wide standards (cULUS, IEC/EN 60950, etc.) and have both CE and C-TICK marks.

Characteristics of the CP-E range
• Output voltage 5 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V DC
• Adjustable output voltages
• Output current 0,625 A, 0,75 A, 1,25 A, 2,5 A, 3 A
• Power range 18 W, 30 W, 60 W
• Auto range input 100…240 V AC range (85…265 V AC, 90…375 V DC)
• High efficiency of up to 87…89 %
• Low power dissipation and low heating
• Free convection cooling (no forced cooling with ventilators)
• operating temperature range –10…+70°C
• Open-circuit, overload and short-circuit stable, automatic recovery
• Integrated input fuse
• U/I characteristic curve (fold-forward behaviour at overload – no shutdown) for devices > 18 W
• Redundancy unit CP-A RU offering true redundancy
• Status LED “OUTPUT OK”
• DC OK output (transistor) for 24 V devices (> 18 W)

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Introducting the "Smart" ABB Softstarter


 Think Smart.jpg

Do you give your motors a kick-start?  Or do you accelerate them nice and smoothly?  If you have a large motor, the answer is obvious: You install a softstarter to protect your electrical network.  But… what do you do if your motor is medium-sized or small?  You either start Direct-On-Line.  Or you install a Y/D starter. And keep your fingers crossed.

ABB Smart Start.jpg

It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.  ABB is now introducing a state-of-the-art range of small, compact softstarters that covers applications from 3A up to 45A.  They are designed to meet our customers’ surveyed requirements:  “Better performance than Y/D… reliability and quality… tight dimensions… easy installation…possibilities of communication… and all of this, of course, at an attractive price!”  In brief, it’s a brand new concept in compact softstarters – it’s really a smart Starter!  Power and Productivity.

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Moeller Electric Adds A Pole to the xStart Contactor Range to Include New Four-Pole Models.

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To provide convenient cost-effective solutions for electrical distribution applications where a switched neutral is needed, Moeller Electric has expanded its popular and versatile range of xStart contactors to include new four-pole models. The new DILMP models cover AC1 current ratings from 22A to 200A in just four frame sizes, the new four-pole contactors feature identical dimensions for AC- and DC-operated versions, thereby simplifying panel design and construction.

Ideal for use in mains/standby changeover, heating control, and distribution systems for IT installations, xStart four-pole contactors, like their three pole counterparts, have specially designed low consumption coil assemblies.


Not only do these innovative coil systems reduce heating in the control panel and energy consumption, they also make it possible for contactors up to 45A to be controlled directly from inexpensive low current PLC outputs, thereby eliminating the need for inconvenient interposing relays or costly high-power output modules.

The use of the contactors with PLCs is further simplified by the integrated suppressor which is included as standard in all DC-operated versions.

The new contactors feature space-saving compact construction, are designed to make wiring fast and easy. Access to the coil terminals is at front-plate level and, for additional convenience and safety, double-chamber screw-clamp terminals are used throughout.

Moeller Electric offers a wide range of accessories for use with its new four-pole xStart contactors. These include mechanical interlocks for vertical and horizontal configurations, which need no additional space to be allowed between the contactors; auxiliary contacts in standard and early-make/late-break versions; suppressors for AC-operated types; and insulating shrouds.

To maximise user convenience, the new four-pole contactors use the same accessories as three-pole models in the xStart range.

Manufactured to the highest standards, xStart contactors are designed to provide maintenance-free operation for a mechanical life of at least 10 million operations. They comply with all relevant sections of IEC60947, as well as with appropriate UL and CSA requirements. In addition, they carry the CE marking.


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