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Moeller PKE Electronic Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

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• Approvals: UL/CSA, CCC, ATEX
• Trip Classes: Greater Than – Equal to CLASS 10
• Push-In Technology: Save Up To 50 % Installation Time

Thanks to their special features, the Eaton Moeller series motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic overload protection complement the PKZ range and offer a good alternative to MCBs with bimetallic strips. Due to the compact and modular design featuring plug-in trip blocks, they offer maximum flexibility in the current range up to 65 A. By adding the PKE-XTUCP trip blocks, you can quickly turn a PKE motor-protective circuit breaker into a PKE circuit breaker for system and cable protection.

Core Features:
• Hand-operated motor-protective circuit breaker in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 Part 102
• Rotary handle with ON & OFF switch-position indicator
• Push-in trip block up to 65 A with visible isolating distance
• If used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, the circuit breaker can be turned into main switch or emergency-stop switch in accordance with EN 60204 and/or VDE 0113
• Isolating characteristics in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
• UL/CSA (including Types E and F) approvals for the North American market
• SmartWire-DT integration
• Short-circuit proof up to 100 kA (400 V) up to 32 A, 50 kA (400 V) up to 65 A
• Circuit breaker width: 45 mm up to 36 A / 55 mm up to 65 A

Push-In Technology – Connections With Just One Clever “Click”:
The Push-in terminals enable control-panel wiring with just one simple click. This tool-free connection technology makes wiring even faster, safer and more efficient. The PKE motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection and plug-in trip blocks offer a viable alternative to bi-metallic solutions in the current range up to 65A.

The PKE as Part of the xStart System:
Many applications require an auxiliary contact with different contact configurations for interlocking and signaling. By using a motor starter, however, it becomes possible to implement a more direct, safe and efficient control design.

Open, Flexible and Easy Communication:
Due to the established and widespread serial Fieldbus Modbus RTU the communication module is an open and standardized Communication interface. This enables a complete recoding of the machine conditions and a consistent and clear condition monitoring.

All The Information At Your Fingertips Thanks to SmartWire-DT:
Via SmartWire-DT, the PKE motor starter combinations can be easily integrated into any automation environment. By enhancing data transparency, SmartWire-DT increases the efficiency and reliability of the drives in the vicinity of the motor-protective circuit breaker.

With Eaton, your systems are automatically compliant with the ErP directive in a simple, fast and economical way, while significantly reducing your energy costs.


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Eaton Moeller Digital NZM Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

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• 100% Compatible with Former Range
• Energy Metering Class 1: According IEC 61557-12
• Life Span Indicator: Enables Predictive Maintenance

The new globally available digital NZM Series fits perfectly into modern energy distribution systems. The circuit breakers are suitable for universal use – from small distribution boards to machine controls and motor-starter combinations all the way to large power distribution systems. Due to its connectivity and enhanced features it’s ready for Industry 4.0 applications.

Core Features:
• 100% compatible to existing systems – same footprint, performance is equal or better
• IoT ready with integrated communication capability and Class 1 energy metering
• Integrated Life-Cycle Management provides predictive maintenance information
• Safety above standard using ARMS Maintenance Mode and ZSI Zone-Selective-Interlocking
• Enhanced performance with improved selectivity and 70 kA switching capacity
• Improved handling using push-in terminals and more

Designed for use in Machinery Applications
Create a safe working environment with the NZM circuit-breaker. The extensive range of accessories allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements, e.g. mounting location and terminal connection. Thanks to IEC and UL/CSA approvals, there is no restriction to worldwide application. With the new integrated energy measurement it is possible to implement energy management according to ISO 50001.

Compact Solution for Energy Measurement in Energy Distribution
Space-saving installation thanks to the integrated energy measurement and communication interface makes external measurement and communication solutions obsolete. Thanks to the intelligent design, the design verification according to IEC 61439 is still valid. The Zone Selective Interlocking feature (ZSI) ensures selectivity in the time-delayed range of the tripping characteristic to 100 %.

Motor Control Center (MCC) and Circuit-Breaker NZM are a Perfect Match
As part of a motor starter combination, the digital NZM not only enables a safe and reliable start of the connected motor, but also provides a wide range of application data. In addition to status and energy data, it also provides information for preventive maintenance of the circuit breaker. The ARMS maintenance mode offers additional protection for systems and personnel in the event of maintenance work.

Ideally Suited for Photovoltaic Systems
With the switch-disconnectors up to 1,600 A, implementing applications such as main switches, emergency power-off switches and coupler switches is quick and simple. This makes the new NZM circuit breakers suitable in various environments such as renewable energy, e.g. photovoltaics, with up to 1,500 VDC.

Predictive Maintenance for Critical Infrastructure
Avoid a blackout of the system due to an unexpected end of life of a circuit breaker. With the predictive maintenance feature, the digital NZM can tell you about maintenance and replacement needs to schedule system maintenance accordingly and increase system uptime.

Suitable for High Energy Density Industries
Eaton took a close look at what customers really want and designed the product accordingly. The new digital NZM circuit breakers were designed for power-intensive applications with high switching capaticies at 690 VAC such as wind power and marine industry as well as data centers.

Monitor Energy Usage in Commercial Buildings
The digital NZM with PXR has a fully integrated class 1 energy meter according to IEC 61557-12, which cconstantly measures current and voltage. The digital NZM with PXR replaces the need for additional meters and has an integrated display for readings & safety settings.


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E-T-A Appliance Line Filter for 3120-N Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

The appliance inlet module X3120-A combines four functions within a single component: An IEC inlet plug, an ON/OFF switch, resettable overcurrent protection
and a line filter.

The 3120-N circuit breaker / switch combination provides the function of an ON/OFF switch and ensures overcurrent protection. The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker / switch combination protects the line filter in the event of an overload.

•  Reduced Planning and Storage Costs
•  Reduced Mounting and Wiring Time
•  High Availability – the circuit breakers can easily, quickly and reliably be reset after tripping. Fuse replacement is eliminated.

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E-T-A Appliance Inlet Modules for 3120-N Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

Systematic reduction of components is a major reason for a successful cost-saving design. And fewer components normally help save space and allow for designing compact products.

The appliance inlet module X3120-B combines three functions within a single component: A C14 appliance inlet, a rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection. In this module the two latter functions are provided by E-T-A’s wellproven 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination.

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E-T-A Add-on Modules for 3120-N Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination


Easily mounted add-on modules are available for undervoltage release, magnetic trip, remote trip and auxiliary contact function.

By default, the undervoltage release modules are electrically connected to the main circuit. They can also be supplied with terminals separated from the main circuit if necessary. They allow easy and costeffective realisation of safety circuits.

The magnetic trip module trips the circuit breaker/switch combination at overload currents from four times rated current within milliseconds.

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E-T-A Push-In Terminals for Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination 3120-N

E-T-A is the first manufacturer in the world to launch a circuit breaker/switch combination with push-in connection technology – the 3120 N…-PT. This design allows the quick, easy, and reliable connection of conductors. There are no tools required. The conductor can very easily be pushed in because of the special spring contour. This reduces wiring times and prevents fatigue symptoms.

The connection will withstand harsh shock and vibration conditions due to the high surface pressure of the contact spring that is made of a special spring steel. This type of connection is 100% protected against brush contact.


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E-T-A Plug-In Connector for Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination 3120-N

Easy Wiring with a New Plug-In Connector

The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker is a single pole or double pole device which can also serve as an ON/OFF switch. Based on its cost-saving design – two functions in a single unit – it has become an integral part of many applications in medical equipment and in apparatus and machine construction. Manufacturers of professional tools also like to use it because of its compact design.

As a new accessory E-T-A offers a plug-in connector for easily wiring the connecting cables.  Two retaining clips ensure a tight connection between the plug-in connector and the breaker. The dimensions of the female contacts (tab width 6.3) are in accordance with DIN 46340 part 3, shape A. E-T-A standard delivery scope is without female contacts.

Reduction of wiring time during final installation saves time and costs – The plug-in connector can easily be pushed on without tools with a single movement. Female contacts do not have to be plugged on individually.
Wiring errors are excluded during final assembly – The plug-and-socket connection follows the key-lock-key-principle so that the plug cannot be pushed in the wrong way round (fool-proof).
Cable contact with long-term stability – The cable lugs latch irreversibly in the connector. The clamping arms of the connector ensure an extremely firm connection between circuit breaker and connector.
Pre-wiring can be ordered externally – This allows you to use the know-how of specialised cable assemblers.
Breakers can be swapped quickly and easily – The “old device” can be pulled out with a single movement. Then just push in the new device. Done!

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E-T-A 3120-N (New Generation) Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

Protecting and Switching in a Single Component

E-T-A’s 3120-N is a single pole or double pole thermal circuit breaker with a bimetal trip element that also serves as an ON/OFF switch. After tripping due to overcurrent, the 3120-N can easily, reliably and quickly be reset. Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated. The 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination helps you significantly reduce mounting and wiring time as well as expenses for material planning and stocking expenses.

The 3120-N rocker version is available as non-lighted or lighted (12 V – 400 V) and offers various actuator colours as well as marking choices. The 3120-N push button includes the traditional red/green option as well as a unique offering of protection from accidental operation.

                   With Rocker Actuation:                                                With Push Button Actuation:


* Add-on modules for undervoltage release, magnetic trip, remote trip and auxiliary contacts are also available. Appliance inlet modules, plug-in connectors, terminal adapters and a range of additional accessories guarantee solutions for your challenging applications.

No fuse replacement required – After tripping due to overcurrent, the 3120-N can easily, reliably and quickly be reset.
Reduced mounting and wiring time – You only mount one component. In addition, cables to connect switch and blade fuse are eliminated.
Reduced planning and storage costs – 3120-N replaces a switch, a fuse-holder and blade fuses. This makes purchasing logistics much easier.
Space-saving design – The 3120-N features space-saving integral overcurrent protection. This leaves room for creativity and ideas in terms of space design, even in constricted areas.
Enhanced reliability – Less single components always mean: less sources of error. E-T-A’s 3120-N helps you consistently increase the overall reliability of your products.

• Household, Hobby & Garden Equipment
• Industrial equipment control
• Medical technology

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Schurter TA36 Thermal Circuit Breaker

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Thermal Circuit Breaker with Modern Design and Refreshing Colors
• New design with a variety of color combinations
• Unique UL rating of 277 VAC
• Finely graded rated currents

Improving a good product – this was the principle behind the development of the Schurter TA36 thermal circuit breaker. Based on the TA35, which has been successfully proven for many years, a refreshing product with a contemporary look was developed.

No longer only functionality and quality matter. Today, a good product must also withstand the critical gaze of a clientele who is accustomed to design.

Refreshing Design
A switch is operated with fingers – sensible sensors. Surfaces and materials are providing a direct feedback, to indicate and feel the quality of a product. Gently curved lines and the best materials combined in the TA36 result in an appealing feeling. Both the flange (3 colours) and the actuator (7 colours) are available in a variety of trendy colours and colour combinations with 5 different types of markings.

Proven Technology
Technically, the TA36 series offers proven technology over years: it is a particularly versatile series of miniature circuit breakers with an especially high UL rating of 277 VAC. It is available as a 1- or 2-pole version and impresses with its compact dimensions.

Wide Range of Applications
The new TA36 offers both the function of an appliance switch and thermal overcurrent protection. Finely graded rated currents from 0.05 A to 20 A are available for 1- and 2-pole circuit breakers. The TA36 switches are designed for efficient snap-in mounting and are equipped with plug-in connections (Quick Connect).

There are almost no limits for the TA36 to find its purpose in various applications: from industrial and medical technology to consumer goods, a TA36 fits almost everywhere.

The TA36 Circuit Breaker is Characterised by Following Key Data:
• Nominal voltage up to 277 VAC and 60 VDC
• Nominal currents with fine gradings from 0.05 A to 20 A
• Rocker-type actuation
• 1-pole or 2-pole versions with quick connect terminals
• Operational temperature from -30 °C to +60 °C
• Degree of protection IP40 (front side)
• UL and VDE approvals (*CCC pending)
• «Retrofit» compatibility given with TA35 circuit breakers


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Finder 7P Series Surge Protection Devices


Finder supply a complete range of surge protection to help protect your expensive control panels:

• Surge arrester suitable for 230/400 V system applications to prevent over-voltage effects caused by direct for indirect lightning strikes

• SPD Type 1+2

• Replacement spark gap and varistor modules (for single phase systems)

• Visual and remote signalling of varistor status


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