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Entrelec M8 / M12 Connector System

Connector System for machine industrial automation and control applications provides a solution for the increasing needs of sensor connections that safely and reliably secure the communication in industrial environments. This connector system also finds applications outside of its traditional industries where a compact reliable connection system with environmental protection is required. TE Connectivity (TE) solution includes an extensive connector range of PCB headers, cable assemblies and I/O boxes, and provides users with an interface that supports higher bandwidth needs – meeting the requirements of up to 10Gb/s.

TE also offers shielded and un-shielded Cat5e and Cat6A cable assembly variants. A predefined offering in length of 1, 3, 5 and 10 meters covers a vast range of customer needs on the market. For rewiring on site a wide range of field serviceable connectors are provided, allowing versatile systems to be quickly and easily established. Additional styles are available on request including alternative mounting arrangements for panel mount connectors and double ended cable assemblies.

TE’s industrial communications products are widespread throughout today’s networked factories, and play a critical role in driving the efficiency of many manufacturing processes. Used extensively in material handling equipment, our industrial communications solutions are also found throughout the automotive
and food and beverage industries, as well as in the many manufacturing applications of industrial robots. With the development of smaller industrial ethernet products, TE’s solutions are also excellent for vision systems, common in security equipment and mail sortation devices.

• Machinery
• Factory Automation

TE’s M8/M12 Connector System includes a broad range of straight, angled, LED and multi-position field installable and board connectors that are easily intermateable. Next to cable assemblies for serial and bus communication, TE also offers industrial ethernet patch cables with overmolded X-coded M12 connectors that are available for future proof applications with up to 10 Gb/s data transmission. Customized cable assemblies offer a solution for your specific needs in different lengths, temperatures or flexibility.

When communication simply needs to work in industrial environments, TE’s M8/M12 system and broad industrial communications portfolio offer time-tested reliability that meet industry standards. Whether it is for controllers and sensors or robotics and molding machines, the M8/M12 connector system offers you a solution that is time-saving, error reduced and without the use of tools.


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Entrelec PVC Insulated Terminals & Splices

Crimp Technology: Connection Capacity: from 0.26 mm² to 6 mm² – 22 to 10 AWG

The PVC pre-insulated solderless Terminals and Splices are designed to answer all standard applications. The quality, performance, and ease of installation make them ideal for many industrial and commercial installations. Carefully engineered Application Tooling has been designed in conjunction with the terminal to promote ease and speed of application. The wire and wire barrel together form a connection of high conductivity and tensile strength, while the tin plating provides good resistance to corrosion.

Sustainable Connection
• Serrations in the crimp barrel provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping
• High conductivity copper body
• Tin plating provide good resistance to corrosion

Easy to Install
• Easy installation with TE tooling and crimp-performance guaranteed
• Red, Blue and Yellow color coding to ease the product selection in the workshop and the crimp cavity identification on TE tooling
• Funneled wire entry on terminal prevents turned back wire strands and permits rapid wire insertion during high speed production
• PVC Insulation sleeve provides good dielectric strength and supports the wire insulation so that no bare wire is exposed

For All Your Needs
• Compatible with all standard applications: (Panel boxes, Motors, Switchgear, Power supplies, Instruments/controls, Lighting, Transportation, HVAC, Maintenance,…)
• UL & CSA Approved when applied with corresponding approved tooling
• 600 V Operating Voltage
• 105°C Max Operating Temperature


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Entrelec IPX8 Instant Connectors

IDC technology: Connection Capacity: from 0.75 to 4 mm² – 18 to 12 AWG

IPX8 are the fastest, easiest and most convenient wire connectors in the industry for Indoor and outdoor installations. The IDC (Insulation Displacement Technology) allows the installer the convenience of not having to prepare the wire before installation. Simply pick the correct connector for the wire gauge selected and crimp the terminal using a standard set of pliers by pushing the button to complete the process.

Instant Connection:
Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires with insulation displacement technology (IDC).
No Special Tool Required:
All installation connectors allow for push button termination using a common pair of pliers.
Easy Wire Size Identification:
Red, yellow & blue color coded termination buttons take the guess work out of matching wire size to appropriate connector.


Independent Connections:
Easy factory or field installation using independent left and right side push button termination.
Visual Control:
The design includes a clear body material for visual inspection of the connection.
Easy To Assemble Together:
Flexibility in multi-pair termination design with stacking feature.

Protection Against Water and Dust:
The gel inside the connectors gives an IPX8 Ingress Protection (2 hours, 1 m under water).
Large Wire Size Range:
Connection capacity from 0.75 to 4 mm² (18 to 12 AWG) and connectors with mixed cross-sections.
Large Temperature Range:
Resist to an ambient temperature from -40°C to 75°C. Operating temperature between -40°C and 105°C.


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Entrelec Wiring Duct

PVC & Halogen Free: 25/40/60/80/100/120 mm width 30/40/60/80/100 mm height

The Entrelec wiring duct range includes popular profile widths such as 24, 40, 60, 80 100 and 120 mm. The high-quality PVC & Halogen Free material allows the use in many applications such as standard industrial applications with PVC range to the most demanding applications such as railway, high buildings, marine and public buildings with the low smoke and Halogen Free range. The specific design offers many solutions to optimize and simplify the wiring.

• Save time while breaking off ribs without using any tools
• Additional hole on the side, allow the use of cable ties to group your cables in an efficient manner
• Speeds up your maintenance work with our cover design that ease cover removal
• Quickly mount wire retainers on the bottom rail of the duct without screw and slide them along the rail.

• Special rib pattern design allows more proper wire placement and cable grouping
• Lower scoreline provides easy splitting of wiring duct’s base and wall with no sharp edges
• Upper scoreline provides easy breaking off the ribs
• Smooth, burr-free edges protect installers from injury and wires from damage

• Low Smoke Halogen Free Wiring Ducts Fa ily complying with EN45545-2 (R22-R23,HL3) for railway
• Flame-retardant, self-extinguishing according to UL94-V0
• Wiring duct covers hold securely even in a vertical position and under vibration
• Temperature range from -25 °C up to +90 °C.


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Entrelec Push-In Connectors

Push-In Technology: Connection Capacity: from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² – 22 to 12 AWG

The Entrelec push-in connectors are perfect for all indoor applications. The push-in technology reduces the connection time and the compact design ease the installation in tight spaces. The connectors are compatible with 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (22 to 12 AWG) solid wires and the clear body provides visual control of the termination. The color-coding ease the identification of the 5 products sizes, from 2 to 6 positions.

Push-In Connection:
• Save 50% installation time compare to screw technology.
• Easy and quick insertion for rigid and solid wires.
Compact Design:
• Fit perfectly in very tight spaces, ideal for all junction boxes.
Easy Identification:
• Find the right connector size quickly thanks to the color coding.

Visual Control:
• Transparent housing to verify proper conductor insertion.
Easy Testing:
• Easy factory or field control with the test slot for voltage testing.
Always Perfect:
• Stripping guide at the back of all connectors to respect the 11 mm / 0.43 in for each wire.

Up to 6 Wires Connected Together:
• Connectors available with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 connections.
Large Wire Size Range:
• Connection capacity from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (22 to 12 AWG) for rigid and solid wire only.
Extreme Conditions:
• Resist to a high ambient temperature. Polycarbonate, flame retardant (UL94-V0).

• IEC 60998-1 & IEC 60998-2-2
• UL 486C
• CSA C22.2 No. 188-13


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Entrelec Markers & Marking Systems

Entrelec’s comprehensive range of markers and marking systems covers all the needs for electrical panel identification: markers and labels for terminal block, wire & cable, component & equipment.

• Find your favorite marking solution from budget sensitive printing jobs to high quality & volume projects
• Identify your prefered equipments regardless of their brand through our large scope of compatible markers and labels
• Save time and cost with our large variety of ready to use pre-printed markers for Entrelec terminal blocks

Main Features:
• Choose from our various marking systems using different technologies : thermal transfer or plotter
• Up to 1400 models available and even more with our on-demand customization service.
• Print markers and labels for many electrical manufacturers


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Entrelec Railway Application Terminal Blocks

TE Connectivity, a worldwide leading supplier for rolling stock and infrastructure

As a leading supplier for railway applications, TE Connectivity proposes the most complete terminal block range of the market complying with all main international railway standards. The Entrelec range for railway applications is available in four technologies and covers all the needs for rolling stock and railroad infrastructures.

Rail vehicles are subjected to extreme environmental conditions (high vibration and shock), corrosion (underground applications or tunnels). All Entrelec terminal blocks listed in this catalog are tested in accordance with the latest and most demanding standards applying to rolling stock applications.

• PI-Spring
• Pluggable
• ADO System® (IDC)
• Stud and quick-connect

Advanced 3D Drawing and Data Export:
• Built-in 3D viewer
• Integration to CAD/CAE softwares
• Compatibility with TE Connectivity printers
• Detailed drawings of the rail, assembly and markers


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Entrelec SNACompact Terminal Blocks

Small Is Big with SNACompact Terminal Blocks

NACompact terminal blocks help to improve panel building process providing compact and performant products relying on more than 60 years track-record.

• Secure your wiring with ENTRELEC screw clamp featuring hardened steel, anti-release system, funnel entry for conductor, tab under clamp.
• Save up to 14% in height for 2.5 and 4 mm² versus SNA-type terminal blocks, which allows to fit in smaller junction boxes.
• Provide for a long lifetime on site time-tested by 60 years track record on screw technology, fire resistant V0 plastic grade and installation in harsh environments.
• Optimize the installation, wiring and connection, by taking benefit from ENTRELEC design, screwless ground connection, well aligned fuse and disconnect version.
• Reduces mounting errors thanks to asymmetrical design and by using compatible TE Connectivity’s end ferrules and crimping tools.
• Improve the layout & identification of the panel by using TE Connectivity’s large cable management portfolio, including identification labels, card and roll printing systems, cable ties and cable wrapping accessories.
• Save time when designing your panel thanks to TE Connectivity’s digital tools, such as TE.COM and Easy Rail Designer 3D CAD software allowing rail assembly design and 3D viewing functionality.

• Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 95 mm² (24 to 0000AWG)
• Reliable hardened steel clamp
• Large choice of functions from standard feed-through, ground , disconnect and fuse to specific such as test & measurement, miniblocks, sensor actuators and more
• Screwless ground blocks
• Tested upon environmental conditions : Vibrations: IEC 60068-2-6 standard; Corrosion: salt mist as per IEC 60068-2 §11; Flammability: UL94V0 & needle burning test (IEC 60947-7-1 §8.4.6); Short-circuit: IEC 60947-7-1 §8.4.6.


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Entrelec Dedicated Applications Terminal Blocks

The Dedicated Range

Specific technologies and terminal blocks for dedicated applications (energy, machinery, automation) and markets.


• Meet your specific needs in connection thanks to a large scope of technologies and solutions
• Save space thanks to miniblocks
• Secure your connections thanks to IDC or spring loaded scew clamp technologies


Main Features:
• Dedicated technologies such as IDC, Spring loaded screw clamp, stud, ring lug
• Mini blocks for machinery applications
• Sensor/actuator functions
• Test & measurement terminal blocks
• Installation terminal blocks
• Protection terminal blocks


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