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New Features Enhance Finder 2-pole and 4-pole Power Relays


Finder has announced an update to its 56 series relays, which now provide enhanced functionality during installation and test.

The updated series of 2-pole and 4-pole power relays feature as standard on all models a test button and mechanical indicator for manual operation during test and commissioning. The full range now offers as options an indicator LED to show operational status; in particular the DC coil versions feature twin LEDs, making them insensitive to polarity. All of the models feature a new printed front plate showing the full part number, contact rating and coil voltage, and both the new pushbutton and the coil housing are colour-coded for rapid visual identification of AC or DC models.


The six models in the 56 series provide the capability of switching higher current loads with the option of up to four changeover contacts. They are typically used by OEMs, panel builders and end users in applications including the switching of single phase motors, solenoid operation with feedback monitoring signals, multi-element heating loads and various types of lighting. The provision of plug-in, PCB and an extended range of rail and flange-mounting options and adaptors, along with a complementary range of sockets, suppression modules and accessories, allows maximum flexibility of both mounting and connection.

Standard contact material is cadmium-free, but alternative contact materials are on offer to suit inductive or capacitive loads.

The relays are rated as standard at up to 12A at 250V AC with maximum peak values of 20A and 400V AC. A 400V AC coil version is also available for use in industrial applications where a neutral connection is not available.


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FINDER Safety Relays Address New International Standards


Finder has announced the launch of a new series of safety relays that have been specifically designed to meet the increasingly stringent safety standards now being imposed on designers and manufacturers of electrical systems. They are particularly suited to applications such as plant, process and machine guarding, safety circuits, emergency stop circuits and critical monitoring circuits.


The 50 Series relays are pin-compatible with the existing 40 Series, and feature forcibly guided contacts that enable positive monitoring of the contact state to comply with EN 50205 type B. They have also been designed to meet the requirements of IEC 62061 (2005): Safety of machinery – Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems, and ISO 13849-1: Safety of machinery – Safety-related parts of machinery.  A high physical separation ensures a minimum of 2.5kV insulation between adjacent contacts

The relays are rated for a maximum contact current of 8A and for DC coil voltages ranging from 5V to 125V, thus providing considerable flexibility for circuit designers.


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FINDER Extends Range of Instruments for Energy Consumption Monitoring


New to the Finder range of energy consumption meters is the three-phase 7E.36 Series, which includes single and dual-tariff kWh models for the measurement, recording and display of power consumption in individual sub-circuits at current levels up to 65A.


The meters are particularly applicable where there is a statutory need for compliance with the EU Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) 2004/22/EG which comes into force in October 2006. The current pressure to reduce energy consumption is also driving the need for accurate monitoring and measurement in specific areas.

The 7E.36 Series meters provide a compact, accurate and easily-installed solution to metering three-phase energy consumption, and are ideally suited for use by manufacturers and installers of machinery and equipment, control systems manufacturers, contractors, site service engineers and designers of building management systems (BMS). Typical areas of use include industrial and commercial installations, test cells, machines, control cabinets and switchboards.

Type 7E.36.8.400.0000 is a single-tariff 3-phase meter, and Type 7E.36.8.400.0002 is a dual-tariff version for use with standard and economy tariff supplies. Both meters are specified for a maximum current rating of 65A, and are housed in a compact 70mm wide enclosure that can be surface mounted or fitted to a 35mm DIN rail, allowing them to be installed in confined spaces or mounted on standard sub distribution boards.

The meters feature 4mm high, 7-digit display(s) including a red decimal digit, to provide an easy-to-read display with a maximum totalising count of 999,999.9kWh. A high resolution pulsed open-collector output to DIN 43864 provides a link to BMS or other types of remote monitoring system. A variable rate pulsed red LED indicator offers a rapid visual indication when abnormal operation is occurring, for example due to phase loss or inversion. Terminal covers are also available to enable a tamper-proof seal to be fitted.

The 7E.36 Series is compliant with EN 62053-21 and prEN 50470 as well as with the EU MID 2004/22/EG, and is certified by PTB (Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt). Accuracy is specified to Class B and protection to Class II.


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Finder, Rail-Mounting Single-Pole and Two-Pole Relay Interface Modules


The 4C Series is a new series of single-pole and two-pole relay interface modules from Finder that incorporate Finder’s flagship 46 Series miniature industrial relays, and are available in either screw terminal or screwless socket types. The modules provide an ideal interface between programmable logic controllers (PLC) or other electronic controllers and external actuators or switching devices, where outputs are required to switch higher than normal external loads such as large contactors, solenoids, small motors or heating elements.


The 4C.01 and 4C.02 are respectively a single-pole 16A and a two-pole 8A relay interface module, both with screw terminal connections, while the 4C.51 is a screwless single-pole model rated as 10A and the 4C.52 is an 8A two-pole screwless version. All four models are available with either AC or DC coils, and can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022). They feature instant ejection of the relay from the socket by means of a plastic retaining clip, and include as standard both a supply status indication and coil suppression module.

An 8-way jumper link is available as an optional extra for use with the 4C.01 and 4C.02 modules, and reduces the time taken to wire common connections.

The 4C.01 and 4C.02 screw-type terminal modules both measure 82.9mm long x 64.6mm high x 15.8 mm wide, while the screwless 4C.51 and 4C.52 versions both measure 95.6mm long x 61.7 mm high x 15.8 mm wide. The cadmium-free relay contacts are fabricated from silver nickel (AgNi) material.


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Finder Introduces Phase-Monitoring Relay that Prevents Phase Loss Causing Motor Burnout

Finder introduces the 72.31 three-phase monitoring relay, which is used for detecting a loss of phase or incorrect phase rotation when using three-phase supplies. This compact relay is ideally suited for the protection of motors in plant and machinery, and helps to satisfy the mandatory requirement of ensuring the correct rotation of motors in transportable equipment.

The 72.31 allows OEMs, panel builders and installers of control systems to ensure that motors do not become permanently damaged due to phase loss, and also to avoid potential hazards or damage due to incorrect rotation of the motors. The relay features positive safety logic, which triggers the contact to open if an error is detected so that the system will fail to a safe condition. The wide supply voltage specification allows a single unit to be used across the full three-phase supply voltage range of 208V to 480V AC.

FIN0036 7231.jpg

The relay provides reliable monitoring of phase loss, even under conditions where the lost phase may be “regenerated” by the action of the rotating motor. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and many monitoring relay units that are currently available may falsely detect this phase regeneration and thus fail to disconnect the supply, which can cause damage to the motor. The 72.31 can discriminate phase regeneration up to 80% of the line voltage.

Featuring a SPDT output contact rated at 6A (maximum peak 15A), the 72.31 monitoring relay is enclosed in a compact housing measuring 84mm high x 56.5mm deep x 17.5mm wide. The narrow profile offers considerable saving in panel space.


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Finder Launches New 2006 Product Profile Brochure


The 2006 Finder Product Profile is a 24-page colour brochure that provides outline information on the company’s comprehensive range of relays, monitoring relays, timers and movement detectors.

The range includes miniature and low-profile PCB relays, industrial relays, general purpose relays, power relays, relay interface modules and sockets. Also featured in the brochure is a range of monitoring relays and timer modules. A series of products designed for intelligent lighting applications comprises light-dependent and step relays, dimmers and time switches rated at up to 16A, as well as PIR movement detectors, all of which are suitable for use with either incandescent or fluorescent lighting installations.


The Product Profile provides all the primary electrical, environmental and mechanical specification parameters for each family of products, along with a colour photograph and a list of the relevant standards and approvals for each product Series.

Products that are new to the 2006 edition of the Product Profile include the 46 Series industry-standard miniature industrial relays, the 66 Series 30A power relays and the 38 Series two-pole relay interface modules.

Finder’s products are all manufactured in Europe, to the highest standards of quality and reliability, at the company’s state-of-the-art production facility near Turin, Italy.


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FINDER PIR Movement Detectors for Control of Interior and Exterior Lighting Installations


The 18 Series of PIR movement detectors from Finder has been extended to include a new model that operates outdoors in addition to the existing indoor model. The units detect body heat to control lighting in a range of applications, including energy saving and security.

The detectors can reduce energy consumption by automatically switching off lighting when it is not required. This addresses the increasing pressure on companies from both governments and environmental groups to reduce energy consumption, which means that areas of unnecessary lighting have come under scrutiny.  In parallel to this, there is a need for improved lighting particularly in exterior areas to deter potential intruders.

Finder’s PIR detectors are targeted at designers, engineers, contractors and installers of lighting control systems in commercial, industrial and domestic premises.  They will be of particular use in areas inside and outside buildings that are not permanently occupied, such as offices, washrooms, corridors, stairwells and stores as well as outside loading bays, access ramps, etc. where constant lighting is not required.


The output contact for both the 18.01 interior model and the 18.11 exterior model is rated at 10A, with a 20A peak current capability, suitable for switching a 230V incandescent or halogen lighting load of up to 1kW or a compensated fluorescent lighting load rated at up to 350W.

The coverage area spans 110° in both the vertical and the horizontal plane, and the sensing range is specified up to 8m. An integral adjustable threshold light sensor ensures that energy is not wasted by preventing the lights from being switched on in conditions of high ambient light.

To avoid accidentally switching off lights when personnel are still in the lighting zone, the Series 18 PIR units feature an extended ‘on time’. This enables the length of time the lights remain on after movement detection ceases to be extended by a preset delay time, which can be adjusted to between 10 and 180 seconds.

The versatile design of both Series 18 PIR models features a ball joint construction that enables simple, trouble free mounting on a flat vertical or horizontal surface, with the ability to angle the detection head to adjust the required detection area by up to 180° in the horizontal plane, and 27° in the vertical plane.

The 18.01 model allows concealed cable entry via the mounting bracket, while the IP54 protected 18.11 exterior model features a PG9 cable gland entry in the base. The electrical contacts are lead-free AgSnO2.

The Series 18 PIR range is entirely designed and manufactured in-house at Finder’s European facility near Turin in Italy. The design includes custom embedded system programming, CAD evolved optics, custom designed electronics, tooling and test equipment.  The units are competitively priced and offer specifiers and end users a European designed and built PIR with unparalleled flexibility, in a neat and compact housing.


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Finder Introduces Meters for Individual Monitoring of Energy Consumption


The 7E Series single phase kWh totalising meters from Finder have been designed for the measurement, recording and display of individual energy consumption for loads drawing up to a maximum of 65A.



The meters are targeted at applications in residential, commercial and industrial  installations where the consumption of energy needs to be measured or monitored.  This might be either to assist in meeting government targets for reduced emissions by minimising energy consumption, or to allow metering of locally billed electricity supplies. Typical areas of use might include test laboratories, the individual monitoring of machines, control cabinets and switchboards, in battery charging equipment, or for hook-up supplies to campers, caravans and boats.

The meters can be DIN rail mounted, and can easily be installed in a standard consumer unit. A high resolution pulsed open-collector output allows accurate remote monitoring.

The two models in the series, the 7E.13 and 7E.16, are rated for maximum current levels of 32A and 65A respectively, for a supply voltage of 230V AC at 50Hz. The display counter features a 4mm high, 7-digit display with a red decimal digit, giving a maximum totalising count of 999,999.9kWh. Both models have a maximum resolution of 100Wh, and their accuracy is specified as Class 1 (±1%). Rated power is 8VA and the AC operating range is 0.8 – 1.15 of nominal voltage.

The meters are housed in compact industry-standard packages with simple direct wiring connections. They are PTB approved in accordance with EN 61036, and carry CE type approval for EMC.

Model 7E.13 is a single unit width (17.5mm) with the digits arranged vertically, while 7E.16 is double unit width (35mm) and has a horizontal digital display. Both models feature a flashing red LED as a quick visual indication of operational status.


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Finder Miniature Time Delay Modules for Relays


The Finder 86 series miniature plug-in time delay modules can be used with a wide range of Finder rail-mounted relay socket combinations including the latest 46 Series Industrial Relays. The timer modules in the 86 series are among the smallest and most versatile currently available.


The modules offer the ability to introduce a time delay to the operation of relays, and are ideally suited for use with control circuits that require a delayed relay response in order to ensure the correct functioning of logic or sequence. The timer modules can either be fitted during panel assembly or retrofitted without any need for re-wiring or for the introduction of components requiring additional panel space.

The time delay modules are compatible with sockets having both screw and screwless connection formats, and can be used with relays from Finder’s 40, 44, 46, 55, 60 and 62 series, therefore providing the facility for multiple delayed contact combinations from 1 CO to 4 CO with switched current ratings from 7A to 16A at 250V AC or 30VDC.

ON delay and ON pulse functions, four time delay ranges spanning 1.5s to 64 min and a 12 – 24V AC or DC operating voltage mean that fewer models need to be held in stock to cover the whole range of available specifications.

By ensuring that all future introductions of relay socket combinations offer full compatibility with the 86 series, Finder guarantees the user continued maximum flexibility of operation for the widest variety of applications.


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Finder Rail Mounting Sockets Feature Screwless Terminations


New from Finder is a range of 35mm rail mounting sockets featuring screwless terminations. Designed for use with Finder’s 34, 40, 41, 44 and 55 series plug-in relays and 85 series timers, the sockets can be used in any application where power and control wiring is terminated. The sockets will allow panel builders, machine builders, system integrators, OEMs and installers to make a reliable and vibration-resistant connection to the relay or timer in the shortest possible time.



Conventional screw terminals must be tightened to a specified torque during assembly: this process is time-consuming, and it is difficult to ensure that it has been performed correctly. As a consequence, screw connections can work loose under high levels of vibration, either in operation or when being transported. Screwless connections are achieved by means of two metallic blades that are both under tension, which will always force a strong closing action on the wire.

The sockets are all suitable for 35mm rail (EN 50022) mounting and, depending upon type, may also be suitable for panel mounting. The sockets offer the same features and performance as their screw terminal equivalents, allowing the designer the choice of a screwless termination without compromising on other parameters.   Many of the sockets accept Finder’s range of coil indication, EMC suppression and timer modules, and all feature plastic retaining and release clips .

The wide range of relay socket styles that are now available in the screwless format means that the benefits of reduced wiring time and termination reliability can be offered across a large selection of Finder’s relay types and ratings.

These sockets are the result of Finder’s total in-house capability for product design and expertise in advanced manufacturing technology; encompassing the design and manufacture of all precision mould and press tools, automated assembly machinery and test equipment.


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