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Arcolectric Slim Profile LED Holders, Types 1035, 1036, 1037


Arcolectric’s latest addition to its extensive range of Indicators are the new slim profile LED Holders.

With significantly smaller mounting hole sizes compared to the standard range of LED holders, these holders push fit to panel allowing quick and easy assembly.

1037 PR rgb 90mm.jpg

The 1035 holders are suitable for use with T1 type LED’s (4.5mm) and the 1036 and 1037 for T1 3/4 type LED’s (6 and 6.35mm versions). Maximum panel thickness is 1.6mm.

The LED holders are available with bare LED leads or with wire termination, and can be supplied pre wired for 2, 6, 12, 24 or 28V dc and 125 or 250V ac. The LEDs are available in red, green, blue or yellow as standard, however dual colour options are available upon request. They can also be supplied without LEDs fitted.

This range of LED holders are ideal for use where panel size is at a premium or where a large quantity of LED’s are required to be densely mounted together.


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Catalogue 170 – New Arcolectric 108 Page Solutions Guide


The latest edition of the Arcolectric Catalogue is now available. Catalogue 170 includes full specifications, detailed drawings and photographs for all the current Arcolectric products.

Cat 170.jpg

There are many new products included in the new 108 page catalogue:

• 6100 IP67 sealed rocker switches
• 3900 IP67 sealed toggle switches
• 4151 key operated pushbutton
• 0566 6mm miniature indicators
• Slimline LED holders
• IP67 sealed indicators
• IP67 sealed low voltage lampholders
• Maintenance Indicator
• Temperature monitor
• Status monitor
• Mains supply checker single phase
• Mains monitor dual phase
• Mains monitor three phase
• Temperature micro logger
• Compact cooker hood controller

Packed with information for designers, engineers and specifiers, Catalgue 170 is available in printed and CD versions.


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Series 0566 – New Miniature Indicator Range from Arcolectric


Arcolectric’s extensive range of panel mounted indicators has been further expanded with the introduction of a new miniature indicator.

Fixing into a 6mm diameter panel hole, this compact push-fit indicator has three lens options; low profile, domed and high profile. An optional chrome bezel is also available and iIllumination is by dc LED, mains LED or neon lamp.


Available in five colours; clear, red, green, amber and blue, the 0566 can be supplied with either 2.8mm tags or flying leads. Approvals are expected from Semko and UL.

This new miniature indicator will find numerous applications where space is at a premium or a number of indicators need to be placed in very close proximity to one another.


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Arcolectric Key Operated 4100 Series Push Button Switches


New to Arcolectric’s range of Push Button switches is the 4100 Series Key Operated Push Button switch. With up to 100,000 mechanical operations this switch is suitable for frequent functional use.

These switches are ideal for use in applications such as vending machines. Where the maintenance locking key can be used to retain the switch connnection by depressing the plunger enabling the power to be maintained whilst the door is in the open position.

4151 series.jpg

The 4100 series is available with single or double pole switching with momentary action plunger operation and either 4.8 or 6.3mm faston connections.

The large over-travel feature built into the 4100 Series Switches allows it to accommodate substantial production tolerances.

This switch is rated up to 16.5A 400Vac T85 and has ENEC approval to 50,000 electrical operations. The panel cut out size is 37 x 13.5mm, however this switch can also be screwed to the panel on 22mm fixing centres.

Also available for use with the 4100 Series is a separate connector block. This reduces assembly time by allowing the wiring to become an integral part of the wiring harness.


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Arcolectric (6100 Series) IP67 Sealed Rocker Switches


New to Arcolectric’s extensive range of rocker switches is the 6100 IP67 panel sealed version.  This neat, compact, sealed rocker switch will maintain sealing characteristics of the equipment without the use of external covers. Ingenious internal sealing provides the necessary seal while still maintaining a strong tactile feel.


Although external switch covers can be used to provide environmental sealing, they can often obscure the switch status and give an indistinct switching action, Arcolectric’s new switch solves these problems.

Rated at 16(6)A, 250Vac T125, this single pole switch is available in non-illuminated or LED illuminated versions, both types carry ENEC approval.

The compact ‘L’ body profile has a 30 x 11mm panel cut-out with snap-to panel fixing, accommodating 1.0 to 3.0mm panels and is supplied complete with panel gasket; no extra sealing accessories are required. Terminals are 6.3mm faston tabs.

The switches are ideal for use in equipment that will be used in environments where ingress into equipment’s could affect its operation.


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Arcolectric Toggle switches (3900 series) with IP67 panel seal


Arcolectric’s latest design is a new toggle switch with integral IP67 sealing.

The new 3900 switch, with body designation ‘E’ for single pole and ‘F’ for double pole, incorporates internal and external seals to provide panel sealing to IP67. This eliminates the need to fit additional clumsy toggle covers, therefore making the switch straightforward to use and quicker to assemble.


Rated at 20A, 277Vac, it is available with ON-OFF, ON-ON and three position ON-OFF-ON switching. The panel mounting hole is the industry standard 12.7mm diameter, terminals are 6.3mm tabs or solder tags and the levers manufactured from nickel plated brass.

This new version of Arcolectric’s popular 3900 series is ideal for both internal and external applications where the environmental integrity of the equipment must be maintained against the ingress of dust or water.


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Arcolectric Temperature Micro-Logger


Arcolectric have introduced the Temperature Micro-Logger, an intelligent panel mounted device that monitors and stores temperatures for downloading over a wireless data link.
The device is ideal for applications where monitoring process temperature is important, particularly within the food preparation industry. It is especially useful for food storage, retail displays and prepared food outlets where accurate record keeping is essential. The Temperature Micro-Logger adds advanced logging functionality to a food storage unit for little cost increase, much smaller than would be expected by the end user. 


The Micro-Logger provides a clear and simple visual indication of the temperature conditions within the piece of equipment, utilising a simple go/no-go display principal. Blue LED illumination indicates when process temperatures are within safe limits. The display changes to a Red indication if the safe temperature limits are ever exceeded. Temperature measurement range can be set between -30ºC and +80ºC.
Designed for quick installation, the Micro-Logger has an industry standard snap-in profile, with a temperature sensor on flying leads for convenient remote mounting. The product can directly replace the mains neon indicator usually found on freezers, refrigeration and cold storage equipment, providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade of non-compliant or un-monitored equipment.
The temperature data is logged into an internal non-volatile memory at user programmable time intervals ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. Up to 14,000 measurements can be stored. The data can be downloaded via the built-in wireless infrared communication port using a PDA, Notebook or laptop computer and is time and date stamped, simplifying reporting and providing documented evidence of historical storage temperatures.
Retailers and producers need to ensure food products are kept at the recommended safe temperatures, and for self-protection, adequate temperature records must be kept. Complying with the relevant food storage regulations does not lay with the equipment manufacturer; it is the responsibility of the equipment end user. The addition of the Micro-logger to an item of food storage equipment enables manufacturers to supply added value to end users, and a facility to contribute to complying with the regulations.
The Micro-Logger carries UL, CE and FCC approvals


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ARCOLECTRIC Smart Indicator Series

New from Arcolectric is a range of smart indicators – intelligent devices that operate like standard neon indicators, but with added functionality. The intelligent embedded microcontroller can be programmed for multiple applications, and the first three offerings from this family are a Single phase supply checker, a Maintenance indicator and a Temperature monitor.

Smart Ind.jpg

The indicators have the familiar and convenient snap-in profile and feature fast-on terminals, so are drop-in replacements for Neon lamps, making it simple and fast to upgrade an existing product design with new functionality. The smart indicators feature dual LED illumination, so there is a wide choice of illumination colours and colour combinations.

Single phase supply checker (C1431AL)
The supply checker can be fitted as a direct replacement for a Neon indicator, giving clear visual equipment safety indication. The device connects to Live, Neutral and Earth terminals, and monitors the appliance and incoming mains supply for swapped or missing electrical connections. Blue LED illumination indicates correct connections, while Red LED illumination indicates a swapped connection fault. A flashing Red LED indicates a missing connection, such as detached neutral or earth.

Intended for use on appliances or equipment where cable damage is a possibility, such as: portable appliances, site equipment, power tools, garden equipment, extension cable reels, audio equipment, commercial kitchens and stainless steel appliances.

Maintenance indicator (C1432AL)
The indicator monitors appliance usage, and operates as a preventative maintenance or regular inspection reminder for the equipment user. A direct replacement for a neon indicator, the unit counts time that mains power is applied, and remembers the accumulated time even if power is switched off. Blue LED illumination indicates normal operation, but when the factory set operating time is exceeded the illumination changes to flashing Red, indicating that service or maintenance action is required. Connecting the ‘reset’ terminal to neutral resets the timer to zero, and timing starts again.

Typical domestic applications are reminding coffee machine users to decalcify their machines, change deep fat fryer oil, and change or clean cooker hood filters. For service interval indication, the unit could be fitted into gas appliances to indicate when servicing or inspection is overdue. Additionally, users could be given an indication when their appliance warranty period is about to expire.

Temperature monitor (C1433AL)
The temperature monitor is a snap-in device to clearly indicate that refrigeration temperatures are within safe limits. Upper and lower temperature limits can be factory programmed to suit the application. The monitor operates like a standard neon indicator, giving visible on/off status indication for the appliance. Normal operation shows continuous blue LED illumination while the monitored temperature is within the ‘safe’ range between lower and upper limits. Should the measured temperature fall outside of the ‘safe’ range, the LED illumination changes colour to Red. The unit has a pre-connected temperature sensor on a flying lead, ready for quick installation.

Intended for convenient monitoring of deep freeze, refrigeration, cold storage, chiller or air conditioning operation, giving a visual check of the correct temperature without having to know the exact temperature or the limits.


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Arcolectric Mains Rated LED Indicators


Arcolectric has some 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of neon and filament indicators. Now, with mains rated LED’s becoming more commercially viable, the opportunity is here for this expansive range to use a technology that is inherently more reliable.




These new mains LED versions offer flicker free illumination and are adaptable enough to operate from 230Vac to 110Vac. The standard colour options include red, yellow, green, blue and white. It’s often been difficult to achieve pure white or blue colours with neon or filament lamps in the past but these LED’s will provide a bright,
clean light.


The extensive range includes a great many options; snap and screw fixing to panel, mounting hole diameters from 5.8 to 14.0mm, bezels sizes from 6.7 to 18.3mm diameter, round and square lens shapes, protruding and low profiles, chrome bezels and pre-wired or 2.8, 4.8 and 6.3mm terminals.

The ranges will carry internationally recognised approvals from Semko and UL laboratories.


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Arcolectric Expands Their Range of Mains Rated Switches


Arcolectric has recently expanded their portfolio of mains rated switches to include an extensive range of toggle switches.

The 3900 Series of toggle switches offer a wide variety of switching options in single and double pole versions with SPST, SPDT, DPST & DPDT switching and momentary and three position actions. 


With mechanical life of 50,000 operations and full international approvals up to 16(4)A @ 250Vac, T85 (ENEC) and 20A @ 125/277Vdc (UL & CSA) the 3900 Series offer value for money with specification to match. The terminal options, 6.3mm tags or solder tags, make the switches suitable for both high and low volume manufacturing techniques.

Nickel plated brass levers, with nickel plated nut and bush, fit industry standard 12.7mm diameter mounting holes and provide secure, durable operation.

The range is complimented by a full range of accessories including; toggle seals, ON/OFF status plate and a special guard that prevents accidental operation of the switch.

These switches find many applications where conventional lever operation is needed including; control panels, automation systems, test equipment, industrial equipment and even agricultural, marine and motoring accessories.

Features include:
• Mains power rated
• Ratings up to 20A, 277Vac
• Nickel plated, solid brass levers
• Wide range of switching circuits
• Push-on (6.3mm) or solder terminals
• Security guard prevents accidental operation
• Seal to panel accessories
• International approvals
• Competitive pricing


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