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EMC Easy – Schurter's New Short-Form Catalogue

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For the first time Schurter’s entire range of EMC solutions is available in a single reference; the new EMC short-form catalogue. Buyers can now easily select from possibly the most comprehensive EMC component range available from one manufacturer, encompassing Schurter’s IEC connector ‘power entry modules’, block filters, chokes, pulse transformers and power stage driver modules.

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The simple selector chart structure of the EMC short-form catalogue allows for comparison of the components attributes and specifications. Additional information on all of the Schurter range is available on, which, in keeping with Schurter’s open information policy contains approvals, lead-free roadmaps, CAD models, drawings, distributors links, and stock-checks, to ensure designing in Schurter is designing in simplicity.

The Power entry modules section of the catalogue contains interconnected multi-functional IEC connector components with fuse holders, voltage selectors and line filters. A separate section presents line filters for 1 and 3-phase systems, and is supported by extensive general information about line filter design and selection.

Linear, magnetically compensated, saturating and ground-wire chokes find their use in power electronics (frequency converters, stepper motor drives, ups-systems, power supplies etc.). They are within the range of 0.4 up to 50A and have an inductance range of 0.1 up to 60mH.

The pulse transformers section has been specially developed for the control of semiconductor devices in power electronics. Application possibilities include triggering Thyristors, Triacs, power transistors and IGBTs. The Power Stage Driver Module has been developed for driving power IGBT or MOSFET transistors in a safe, reliable and easy way.


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Schafffner High Performance 3-Phase EMC Filter Range Extended to 200 Amps


Class A/B 3-phase+neutral sum, 4-wire filtering
“Safe Touch” Terminal Blocks
Compact Design

Schaffner Ltd, the market leader in EMC components and test systems, announces the introduction of a new filter to its very successful compact industrial FN3280H EMC filter range. Rated at 200A @ 50°C the new model and has been introduced to meet demands for higher power from machinery and power cabinet manufacturers.

The FN3280H filter range now has 9 models rated from 8 to 200A and all offer 3-ph+N sum filtering for potentially noisy machines connected to low-voltage electricity networks, which may also supply domestic or commercial users. In these environments Class A and occasionally even Class B EMC filtering is required. To simplify system design the filter currents of all models have been aligned to commonly available fuse protection values and outstanding low leakage currents of <1mA are attainable in 4-wire connection mode.   FN3280-1005.jpg

The new FN3280H-200-40 offers outstanding filter performance in a very compact package and does not de-rate under full-load operating conditions. Connection is made via Schaffner’s proprietary “touch safe” terminal blocks that meet EN60204-1 to provide maximum safety for installers, inspectors and operators. 3-phase/4-wire filters are now a standard product and available off the shelf.

The FN3280H range of filters is ideal for machine tools with up to 12 driving axes with 10 to 10m of motor cable each likely to be operated in mixed domestic environments and will allow manufacturers to comply with Class A or even Class B filtering. FN3280H filters also improve the immunity and reliability of the entire system by also protecting the machine against incoming conducted interference from the operating environment. This additional protection ensures maximum productive up-time and lowers maintenance costs.

“We have introduced this new 200 amp filter in direct response to our customers’ needs.” comments Andy Kotas, Marketing Manager of Schaffner Ltd. “Machine tool and power cabinet manufacturers are always under pressure to provide more power, frequently in restricted spaces. Our very compact, safe, easy to use, high performance filters are an ideal solution”

Typical applications include, manufacturers of machinery, machine tools, and process automation equipment, energy conservation devices and regenerative motor drives, power cabinets, premium 3-phase + neutral power supplies and UPS and solar power technologies.


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Finder Introduces Meters for Individual Monitoring of Energy Consumption


The 7E Series single phase kWh totalising meters from Finder have been designed for the measurement, recording and display of individual energy consumption for loads drawing up to a maximum of 65A.



The meters are targeted at applications in residential, commercial and industrial  installations where the consumption of energy needs to be measured or monitored.  This might be either to assist in meeting government targets for reduced emissions by minimising energy consumption, or to allow metering of locally billed electricity supplies. Typical areas of use might include test laboratories, the individual monitoring of machines, control cabinets and switchboards, in battery charging equipment, or for hook-up supplies to campers, caravans and boats.

The meters can be DIN rail mounted, and can easily be installed in a standard consumer unit. A high resolution pulsed open-collector output allows accurate remote monitoring.

The two models in the series, the 7E.13 and 7E.16, are rated for maximum current levels of 32A and 65A respectively, for a supply voltage of 230V AC at 50Hz. The display counter features a 4mm high, 7-digit display with a red decimal digit, giving a maximum totalising count of 999,999.9kWh. Both models have a maximum resolution of 100Wh, and their accuracy is specified as Class 1 (±1%). Rated power is 8VA and the AC operating range is 0.8 – 1.15 of nominal voltage.

The meters are housed in compact industry-standard packages with simple direct wiring connections. They are PTB approved in accordance with EN 61036, and carry CE type approval for EMC.

Model 7E.13 is a single unit width (17.5mm) with the digits arranged vertically, while 7E.16 is double unit width (35mm) and has a horizontal digital display. Both models feature a flashing red LED as a quick visual indication of operational status.


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Finder Miniature Time Delay Modules for Relays


The Finder 86 series miniature plug-in time delay modules can be used with a wide range of Finder rail-mounted relay socket combinations including the latest 46 Series Industrial Relays. The timer modules in the 86 series are among the smallest and most versatile currently available.


The modules offer the ability to introduce a time delay to the operation of relays, and are ideally suited for use with control circuits that require a delayed relay response in order to ensure the correct functioning of logic or sequence. The timer modules can either be fitted during panel assembly or retrofitted without any need for re-wiring or for the introduction of components requiring additional panel space.

The time delay modules are compatible with sockets having both screw and screwless connection formats, and can be used with relays from Finder’s 40, 44, 46, 55, 60 and 62 series, therefore providing the facility for multiple delayed contact combinations from 1 CO to 4 CO with switched current ratings from 7A to 16A at 250V AC or 30VDC.

ON delay and ON pulse functions, four time delay ranges spanning 1.5s to 64 min and a 12 – 24V AC or DC operating voltage mean that fewer models need to be held in stock to cover the whole range of available specifications.

By ensuring that all future introductions of relay socket combinations offer full compatibility with the 86 series, Finder guarantees the user continued maximum flexibility of operation for the widest variety of applications.


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Finder Rail Mounting Sockets Feature Screwless Terminations


New from Finder is a range of 35mm rail mounting sockets featuring screwless terminations. Designed for use with Finder’s 34, 40, 41, 44 and 55 series plug-in relays and 85 series timers, the sockets can be used in any application where power and control wiring is terminated. The sockets will allow panel builders, machine builders, system integrators, OEMs and installers to make a reliable and vibration-resistant connection to the relay or timer in the shortest possible time.



Conventional screw terminals must be tightened to a specified torque during assembly: this process is time-consuming, and it is difficult to ensure that it has been performed correctly. As a consequence, screw connections can work loose under high levels of vibration, either in operation or when being transported. Screwless connections are achieved by means of two metallic blades that are both under tension, which will always force a strong closing action on the wire.

The sockets are all suitable for 35mm rail (EN 50022) mounting and, depending upon type, may also be suitable for panel mounting. The sockets offer the same features and performance as their screw terminal equivalents, allowing the designer the choice of a screwless termination without compromising on other parameters.   Many of the sockets accept Finder’s range of coil indication, EMC suppression and timer modules, and all feature plastic retaining and release clips .

The wide range of relay socket styles that are now available in the screwless format means that the benefits of reduced wiring time and termination reliability can be offered across a large selection of Finder’s relay types and ratings.

These sockets are the result of Finder’s total in-house capability for product design and expertise in advanced manufacturing technology; encompassing the design and manufacture of all precision mould and press tools, automated assembly machinery and test equipment.


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Finder Miniature Single-Pole and Two-Pole Relays Offer Terminal Compatibility With Industry Standard


New from Finder is the 46 Series miniature industrial relay range. The 46 Series has evolved from the successful PCB mount 40 Series, and provides both single-pole and two-pole contact configurations for use in control panels and systems. The key characteristic of this new range is its full terminal compatibility with a widely used but single sourced de-facto industry standard. The Faston spade/blade terminals provide secure and reliable connections between the relay and the associated 97 Series socket, over and above that achieved by its predecessor.


Says Finder’s Sales Manager Ted Waller, “This type of relay with spade terminals has been primarily single-sourced until now. The introduction of the 46 Series provides the customer with a real choice, offering a higher current rating than the competing product, and a unique range of optional plug-in modules for greater functionality that is not available elsewhere”

The 46 Series relays are available with either AC or DC coils, and benefit from a host of advanced features and options, including a mechanical flag indicator and manual test button that can be used in momentary or latching mode – useful during commissioning, fault tracing and override situations.  A version with LED indication is also available.

The 46.52 relay has a two-pole changeover (DPDT) configuration and a maximum rated current of 8A, while the single-pole changeover (SPDT) 46.61 model is rated at 16A maximum.

The associated 97 Series rail mounted sockets feature a flip-out retaining and release clip for easy removal of the relay. Uniquely these sockets accept an extensive range of time-delay, coil indication and EMC suppression modules and an 8-way jumper link that reduces the time taken to wire common connections.

As an alternative to using the rail mounting socket the relay can be secured by an optional flange-mount bracket allowing direct mating with Faston connectors.

The terminal arrangement and pitch of the 46 Series are fully compliant with existing relays of this type, and the new relays can be used as a drop-in replacement for industry standard products.


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Custom Float Switches from Cynergy3 Components


Cynergy3 now has switches for High Temperature, High Pressure, or Hazardous Area use, and continue to develop new products to meet customers specific requirements.

Cynergy3 have recently developed further custom switches for small ink reservoirs in industrial inkjet printers, having supplied switches to printing machine manufacturers for more than 10 years.  Other custom switches are used in vending machines, aircraft food heating, wall kettles, automatic vehicle lubrication systems, drinking water fountains, pump systems, dishwashers and medical equipment.

 rsf fs photo-sm3.jpg

Cynergy3 manufacture switches in a wide range of plastics, brass and stainless steel suitable for most liquids and environments.  These can be supplied from stockists or built to order at the factories in Wimborne and Christchurch, Dorset.

Approvals for float switches include WRAS, UL, Lloyds register, ATEX EExd 11C T110C and ATEX EEx ia 11C T4


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E-T-A’s Wide Range of Circuit Protection Solutions

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers designs and manufactures a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic components and sub-systems for circuit protection, control and instrumentation, including the world’s largest programme of circuit breakers for equipment (CBEs). Alongside examples of systems solutions, the company will be showcasing electronic circuit breakers for the protection of circuits in factory automation systems, as well as flow meters and level sensors for the process industry.  

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The E-T-A ESS20 electronic circuit breaker selectively protects individual output circuits from switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). It provides advanced circuit protection for loads such as sensors, actuators, field bus couplers and controls. In combination with an E-T-A power distribution system, Module 17plus or SVS02, the ESS20 offers optimum utilisation of cabinet space, as well as minimising wiring and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The company offers CBEs with current ratings from 50mA up to 500A. Activation mechanisms include thermal, thermal magnetic, magnetic and magnetic hydraulic. They include high performance products for aircraft, and specialised circuit protection devices for buses, trucks, workboats and pleasure boats. In addition to a wide range of standard products, many of which can themselves be adapted to specific requirements, E-T-A specialises in providing customised solutions. This is a complete service extending from design and prototyping through to full production of sub-systems such as 19″ subracks, fully populated and pre-wired with plug-in CBEs. These solutions may be anything, from simple brackets and bus bars to more complex assemblies built and supplied ready to fit and forget. As circuit protection specialists, E-T-A has the expertise and in-depth knowledge of its products to ensure that the most suitable ones are chosen to optimise the design and produce the most cost-effective solution.


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ABB Innovative and High Quality Power Breakers


ABB’s Power Circuit Breakers are the result of ABB’s constant commitment to look for new solutions with their “know how” capabilities developed over the years.

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These incredibly innovative, high quality circuit breaker ranges are designed to satisfy all application requirements. This evolution has been ongoing since 1942. The current ranges offer T Max up to 630amp, Isomax up to 3200amp and the new E Max ACB range up to 6300amps, all of which are available through E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd.

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ABB Control Products for Any Application


Considering the history of ABB includes the likes of ASEA, Brown Boveri, Stromberg, Schiele and MTE control gear products, it is hardly surprising that their Contactor ranges are so versatile.

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E Preston (Electrical) Ltd are happy to supply “A” range contactors, Bar & Shaft contactors, Installation contactors and Mini contactors together with the wealth of associated products from ABB.  Whatever the application, and wherever it is required, ABB have the answers.

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