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E-T-A Publishes Two New, Comprehensive, Product Catalogues

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers has published new 2006/07 editions of its separate CBE (Circuit Breaker for Equipment) and Control Products catalogues, which can be requested free by telephone, email or from the company web site. Providing comprehensive technical details, the catalogues have been expanded to include all the latest product developments.

E-T-A CBE Cat  2006 7.jpg         E-T-A Control Products Cat 2006 7 (2).jpg

The latest 2006/07 edition of E-T-A’s Circuit Breakers and Control Products / CBE Catalogue now runs to over 500 pages.  The 100 page increase reflects, in particular, the expansion of products offering electronic overcurrent protection for selective protection of components in industrial plants, as well as solid state remote power controllers and power distribution systems.  The catalogue provides a complete specification of each E-T-A product and is broken down into 10 clearly thumb-tabbed sections. These sections also include four different classifications of CBEs and explanations of their characteristics and how to choose between them for a given application.

The 2006/07 edition of E-T-A’s Electronic Process Sensors – Electronic Switching and Control / Control Products Catalogue contains 410 pages with 9 thumb-tabbed sections, again including all the latest products. Sections include flow meters and monitors, level and velocity sensors, digital panel instruments, and current and voltage monitors.  All sections are clearly indexed with summary overviews and contain descriptive details of every product. Photographs and fully dimensioned drawings are included, together with technical data, CBE switching characteristics and product ordering information.

Copies of the two catalogues can be requested from E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd (0161 339 5177), e-mail or via the web site at, which also offers further information on the E. Preston Electrical range of products.


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Finder Introduces Phase-Monitoring Relay that Prevents Phase Loss Causing Motor Burnout

Finder introduces the 72.31 three-phase monitoring relay, which is used for detecting a loss of phase or incorrect phase rotation when using three-phase supplies. This compact relay is ideally suited for the protection of motors in plant and machinery, and helps to satisfy the mandatory requirement of ensuring the correct rotation of motors in transportable equipment.

The 72.31 allows OEMs, panel builders and installers of control systems to ensure that motors do not become permanently damaged due to phase loss, and also to avoid potential hazards or damage due to incorrect rotation of the motors. The relay features positive safety logic, which triggers the contact to open if an error is detected so that the system will fail to a safe condition. The wide supply voltage specification allows a single unit to be used across the full three-phase supply voltage range of 208V to 480V AC.

FIN0036 7231.jpg

The relay provides reliable monitoring of phase loss, even under conditions where the lost phase may be “regenerated” by the action of the rotating motor. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and many monitoring relay units that are currently available may falsely detect this phase regeneration and thus fail to disconnect the supply, which can cause damage to the motor. The 72.31 can discriminate phase regeneration up to 80% of the line voltage.

Featuring a SPDT output contact rated at 6A (maximum peak 15A), the 72.31 monitoring relay is enclosed in a compact housing measuring 84mm high x 56.5mm deep x 17.5mm wide. The narrow profile offers considerable saving in panel space.


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E-T-A, Stylish ‘Water-Splash’ Protected Switch / Circuit Breaker

“Matching 3-position switch version available for 2-speed fans, wipers, etc.”

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new combined switch and circuit breaker for push-fit mounting in switch panels. Its attractive, contoured, ‘soft’ feel rocker actuator with dual illumination and choice of both colour and ‘marine’ legends make it a first-line choice for builders of power-boats and yachts. A 3-position switch version of matching design enables all combinations of switching and circuit protection to be provided in one stylish control panel grouping.

A0304eta - E-T-A 3131.jpg

The new E-T-A 3131 combined switch and thermal overcurrent circuit breaker provides snap-in, panel-mounted, single pole protection against both limited short circuits and low level, but potentially very harmful, overload currents. The integral overload protection negates the need for fuse holders or additional circuit breakers, thus offering great advantages for boat users and simplifying the wiring circuits. Models are offered in current ratings from 0.1A to 20A at up to 50V DC/240V AC for single pole applications. The complementary E-T-A 3131 three-position switch with matching actuator design offers the additional switching required for units such as 2-speed fans and wipers.

The ergonomically styled rocker actuator on both versions of the E-T-A 3131 is soft to the touch and offers two illumination options with a number of different permutations possible.   Splash water protection is assured even in the toughest nautical conditions with its IP66 rating. The 3131 CBE is one of the smallest and lightest products of this type on the market, making it ideal for the protection of circuits and equipment including vital navigation and communication equipment.


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Saia-Burgess Announce New Lower Price on Panel Mounted Switches

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Whatever your application, Saia-Burgess have the product and the development capability to supply the most appropriate solution, anywhere in the world.  Now we’ve pushed the button on more competitive pricing, the quality of Panel Mounted switches from Saia-Burgess is matched by their affordability.

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These and many other Saia-Burgess products are available from:

E. Preston (Electrical) Ltd
    Broadway, Globe Lane Industrial Estate
    Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 4UU
    United Kingdom
    T  +44 (0)161 339 5177
    F  +44 (0)161 343 1935

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New ABB Switch Range is up to 48% Smaller


ABB has extended its compact range of switches as part of its on-going replacement program for the OETL and OESA ranges. Up to 48% smaller in size, the OS and OT switches are ideal for applications where time, cost and space are at a premium.

ABB’s OT switch disconnectors and OS fuse switch-disconnectors can be used as the main switch in low voltage switchgear for power distribution, starting and stopping of motors and isolating loads during maintenance. Available in metal or plastic enclosures, they can be used as safety switches to prevent accidental starting of machines. As further protection, the external operating handles have been double-insulated, which eliminates the chance of touching live parts. The fuse covers also cannot be opened when the switch fuse is on.

The reduced size of both OT and OS switches means that almost double the number of panels can be fitted onto a board that is approximately 1.3m x 2.3m, compared to their OETL and OESA range equivalents. This is ideal for installations where space is limited or at a premium.

OT_OS Small.jpg

Both OT and OS switches can be installed vertically or horizontally, enabling users to position them according to the location of the incoming supply. They are fully rated for both enclosed and open environments, negating the need for extra space if the switches are being used in an enclosure.

The OT range is available from 16A up to 800A. The OS range provides coverage from 16A, up to 400A, with the OESA continuing to provide up to 800A.

Both the OT and OS switches feature a mechanically-based design, with metal parts and double brake switching as standard. These features help to prolong the operational life of the products compared to units from other manufacturers which typically use plastic and ceramic parts. It also increases safety by providing double isolation from live parts. Further safety is provided by arc-chutes, which prevent current sparks and flashovers.

The OT range is IP20 protected, providing extensive protection against impacts from small objects such as debris being expelled by a nearby machine. It also has a patented operator independent quick-make / quick-break mechanism, providing better responsiveness and reliability when in use.

With the neutral wrapped around the main switch mechanism combining to make one unit, the OT and OS switches save space, as opposed to separate space being required for the neutral connection outside of the switch.

Two-pole or one pole versions of the switches can be produced on request. The OT and OS ranges are modular in design, providing increased flexibility on installation. Adjustable mounting feet allow the feet to be fitted at 45 or 90 degree angles.

The switches are suitable for a number of applications, ranging from motor control centres to acting as a main switch in machine applications. OT and OS switches are commonly used by water authorities, transport rail networks and in offshore applications.

ABB have also introduced change-over switches to their OT range. Available from 160A up to 800A, the change-over switches are two switches in one, and increase the ways in which the switches can be applied. It also reduces the need for separate change-over mechanisms.

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ABB's ADO Terminal Blocks Offer Fast, Reliable Connections


ABB has released a new family of terminal blocks that dramatically reduce installation times without compromising safety. Based on ABB’s insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology, the new ADO system terminal blocks can reduce wiring times by up to 80% compared with conventional terminal blocks.

The system eliminates the most common risks associated with connections, such as forgetting to strip the wire, folding over of wire strands, stripping too much wire, incorrect tightening torque or badly inserted terminal ends.

The ADO system uses a hand-operated tool to enable the operator to execute simple and accurate high-speed wiring and cutting. By ensuring a tight connection every time, ADO terminal blocks eliminate the problem of loose screw terminations, maximising safety in heavy industrial applications subject to vibration and shocks and reducing subsequent maintenance time and cost.

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When a connection is made, the tool strips away the wire insulation and pushes the non-prepared conductor cable into a cutting jaw, which holds it tight and ensures a sound electrical contact. The manual tool has been specially designed for on-site maintenance and can remain permanently inside a panel. A semi-automatic version is also available, which enables repeated connections to be made quickly with minimum effort from the installer.

For wiring flexibility, users can choose ADO system blocks with an IDC termination on both sides or with a combination of IDC and screw clamp terminations.

Another key benefit of ABB’s ADO system blocks is their reduced size. Up to 50 terminals can be installed per foot of DIN rail, helping to reduce the overall installation space compared to conventional terminal blocks. Further space savings are also achieved by the terminal’s ability to accept two similar wires into each termination. The ADO system terminal blocks are available as standard mounted on DIN3 rail.

A ‘mini’ version is also available for installations with severe size constraints. Up to 25% smaller than the standard IDC blocks, the ‘mini’ blocks are ideal for reduced space environments. For mounting, mini block models are offered for DIN 2 or DIN 3 rails. Other models can be screwed or snapped directly onto a metal chassis, such as a panel mount. For wiring flexibility, mini IDC blocks are available with insulation displacement on one side and a standard screw clamp on the other. The 6-mm wide block is rated 18 A, the 8-mm wide block 25 A.

All ADO system blocks are UL recognized, CSA certified, 600 V up to 25 A, and meet IEC and VDE standards. In addition to the ADO system blocks, ABB also offers terminal blocks with screw clamp and spring connections.

ABB also offers an ATEX certified terminal block range for safe use in explosive atmospheres. The range is certified to the highest possible level of the ATEX directive 94/9/EC European directive.

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New ABB Relay Offers Extensive Protection for Feeder Applications


ABB Limited has launched a new microprocessor-based relay device offering comprehensive protection for utility, industrial and marine feeder applications. Featuring a wide range of protection functions, the REF610 feeder protection relay offers a versatile device for protection of incoming and outgoing feeders as well as back-up for motors, generators and transformers.

The REF610 provides complete protection against overcurrent and earth faults. In addition to single, two and three-stage overcurrent and earth fault protection functions, the REF610 also features thermal overload protection, phase discontinuity protection, trip-circuit supervision and multi-shot auto-reclosing for automatic clearing of line faults.


Where an electrical disturbance or fault does occur, its details are recorded by the REF610’s in-built disturbance recorder, triggered by a start or a trip signal or by a digital input signal. Utilising microprocessor technology, the recorder collects instantaneous values or RMS values of measured signals via four analogue channels or up to eight selectable digital channels.

Based on a withdrawable ‘plug and play’ cassette design, the REF610 can be easily fitted and removed, greatly reducing the amount of downtime required for installation, testing and maintenance. Based on two separate units, this design automatically closes off the current transformer when the unit is removed, enabling work to be carried out safely without shutting off the supply.

Added reliability is ensured by the inclusion of a self-supervision system that continuously monitors the operation of both the relay electronics and software and ensures that users are alerted of any faults. This, combined with a long mean time between failure (MTBF), enables the REF610 to offer high availability.

A key strength of the REF610 is its user-friendliness. Parameters are displayed in plain text on an LCD screen. These parameters can be programmed using the push buttons on the front of the unit, via serial communication using a computer connected to the communication port or remotely through a control or monitoring system connected through the unit’s serial communication bus.

The REF610 features a range of communication options, including SPA-bus slave, MODBUS, IEC 60870-5-103 and DNP 3.0. It can also communicate wirelessly with a laptop computer if required.

The REF610’s compact size and small mounting depth makes it ideal for retrofits and confined space installations. Optional mounting kits for 19″ racks, as well as for semi-flush mounting with raising and 45° tilted raising frames also offers a choice of installation arrangements.

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Schurter’s Metal Line Switches Glow in Blue

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Schurter’s stylish metal line switches are now available with blue illumination. The new colour option joins the existing yellow, red, green and bi-colour red/green options in point or ring illuminated versions.

The luminous switches are designed for use in applications where lighting conditions are low and indication is necessary to identify the switch actuation area. Customisation can be achieved to meet customers individual needs, including special finishes and legends. Pictures and/or text can be applied to stainless steel types. The hard-wearing laser-etched letters and symbols are resistant to abrasion and fading for a lifetime that exceeds that of the switch.

Blue illuminated Switches.jpg

The Schurter Metal Line comprises a wide range of vandal-resistant metal switches, engineered in Germany for a high quality finish.  Metal Line products are available with Piezo electronics for long-life, protection against outdoor elements, high impact resistance and virtually indestructible wear.  Also available are switches with electro-mechanical actuators for applications requiring travel with the switching action. Mounting dimensions range from 16 to 30 mm with IK ratings from 02 to 07 for high impact resistance. IP ratings range from 40 to 67 for degree of sealing protection.

The blue illuminated metal line switches are at home in many applications including ticket terminals, parking garages, petrol stations, roadside call boxes, lifts, door controls, cashpoints, internet terminals, and information booths.


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Schurter’s TF600 SMT Telecom Fuse Protects Tip and Ring Secondary Circuits

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Schurter’s new TF600 non-resettable fuse assists manufacturers of telecommunications equipment in meeting power cross and lightning surge requirements outlined in North American standards Telcordia GR-1089, TIA-968-A (formerly FCC Part 68), and UL 60950, as well as the international standards ITU-T K.20 and IEC 60950. The fuse has a rated breaking capacity of 60A at 600 Volt AC, over a current range of 0.5 – 2 Amps.

TF600 fuse.jpeg

The TF 600 is RoHS compliant according to Directive 2002/95/EC. Its low profile and small footprint conform to industry norms for size, placement and process compatibility. Its time-lag tripping characteristic provides reliable secondary protection of secondary circuits in a variety of telecom systems and networking equipment designated for use around the world. Typical applications are customer premises equipment (CPE) like telephones and modems, high-speed transmission equipment like ADSL modems and splitters and analog line cards (SLIC’s).

The TF 600 is built to UL 248-14 and carries UL/CSA recognition.  It also holds a “Free of CCC” confirmation for China. It is supplied either on tape (2000 pieces) or loose in a bag (100 pieces).


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New Cynergy3 Components Brand Emerges from Crydom Sale


Cynergy3 Components brand has emerged following the sale of Crydom-branded solid state relay product line to Schneider Electric. The original founders along with a select group of managers from Crydom Corp announced today the formation of Cynergy3 Components, a new brand that represents the semiconductor products, silicon power modules, highvoltage reed relays and magnetic product lines from Crydom Corp and Crydom Magnetics, Ltd.

“Our new branding effort is the first step in the strategic development of our company and product lines,” said John Royan, chairman, Cynergy3 Components. “Cynergy3 Components will build on our reputation for uncompromising quality, performance and reliability, with engineering expertise to create the next generation of semiconductor advancements.”

“Numerous foreign markets, particularly in Asia, are rapidly expanding and experiencing high demand for semiconductor products,” Royan stated. “Our goal is to not only meet the demand but to exceed manufacturer expectations with our superior line of products.”

About Cynergy3 Components

Cynergy3 Components includes power semiconductors, power modules, high-voltage reed relays and liquid level/flow switches. All products are available through the Cynergy3 authorized distributor network in the U.S., Europe and Asia. It offers hundreds of catalog off-the-shelf items, as well as custom-designed products, SCR, Triac and Rectifier die. Because of its dedication to quality, Cynergy3 has full certification to ISO 9001. In addition, most Cynergy3 products are approved by UL, CSA, VDE and carry the CE Mark and are RoHS compliant, signifying conformance with the latest European directives–further proof of exceptional levels of performance. Cynergy3 Components is based in San Diego, Calif. For more information visit


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