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Entrelec Dedicated Applications Terminal Blocks

The Dedicated Range

Specific technologies and terminal blocks for dedicated applications (energy, machinery, automation) and markets.


• Meet your specific needs in connection thanks to a large scope of technologies and solutions
• Save space thanks to miniblocks
• Secure your connections thanks to IDC or spring loaded scew clamp technologies


Main Features:
• Dedicated technologies such as IDC, Spring loaded screw clamp, stud, ring lug
• Mini blocks for machinery applications
• Sensor/actuator functions
• Test & measurement terminal blocks
• Installation terminal blocks
• Protection terminal blocks


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Crouzet SYR-LINE Universal Digital Timer that Fits All Your Needs


The Universal Digital Timer offers the same ease of use as analog timers but it is powered with visualization, higher-precision and all the functions you need (up to 138). The new Universal Digital Timer is well suited for a wide range of applications, ranging from heating and cooling in building equipment, Motor or pump control, industrial processes and lighting systems applications and many more.

SYR-LINE Universal Digital Timer‘s high-contrast led screen enables you to monitor the status of the timer. You can see the current time, the function and timing configurations, and know if you are receiving an input signal or if the relay output is activated.

With this Universal Digital Timer, its monitoring is made easy for you by adding

• Large, easy to read digits in 17.5mm for a clear and easy view of your timing status,
• Full scrolling words for best reading in such a slim body,
• Precise timing setting,

Large, manual dial to make configuration easy and intuitive using just your hands, even wearing gloves

Its wide time range, its universal mounting connection and the ability to accept universal voltage input gives the Universal Digital Timer a universal flexibility. It can indeed be programmed from 0.1 second to a 100-day delay and be used with any power supply available, since it works with voltages from 12 to 240V either DC or AC.  The Universal Digital Timer includes ALL the functions you need to run your applications, from the classics like on-delay «A» or off-delay «C», to special ones like repeat cycle «L». It also allows you to adapt them and get up to 138 real operating functions in one single product. This universal flexibility makes it the only ultra multi-function timer.

The new Universal Digital Timer has been built to be simple to use. You can program it in your hands without any power supply. You can get it ready in just a few seconds. Using the Basic parameters, you can configure your timer in only four steps and get it ready in just a few seconds. With the Advanced mode, you can configure all the optional additional parameters. Among those, the Universal Digital Timer offers two great features for you to set the limits. You can either limit user access by setting a password and defining user rights (full access, change time only, view only) or define time limit setting by allowing users to change time only between lower and upper limits.


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Sensasta / Crydom SeriesOne DR Series Solid State Relays – DC Output

Din Rail Mount Solid State Relays

Sensata | Crydom SeriesOne DR family of DIN Rail mount Solid State Relays incorporate proprietary thermal management technology to achieve exceptional output ratings of 3 up to 24 Amps at 1 to 100 VDC in compact 11mm and 18mm wide housings. These compact SSRs are ideal for use in demanding applications where space may be limited, providing greater power density than other DIN Rail Solid State Relays.

• Ratings from 3 up to 24 Amps
• Load voltage ratings of 1-60 VDC and 1-100 VDC
• Fits standard 35mm DIN Rail
• LED Input Status Indicator
• DC Control
• UL and cUL Listed, CE & RoHS Compliant
• UL 508 Endurance Rating for Enhanced Reliability
• UL Class I and II, Division 2, for Hazardous Locations

• Battery Management Systems
• Backup Power Supplies
• Valve Control
• Lighting Control
• Automation Equipment


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Cynergy3 IWCTT Series – Industrial Wireless Current Transformer Transmitter


The IWCTT Wireless Transmitter is a cost effective alternative to traditional wiring that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments.

Operates with any Split Core current transformer which gives a mV AC output, typically 333mV.  It is easily paired to any of the range of IWR receivers – thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your current measuring application.

The IWCTT sensor should be used with any of the IWR range of receivers. A line-of-sight range of up to 500 m is possible depending on the wireless receiver used (refer to specific receiver datasheets for further information).

• Operates with mV AC output current transformers
• Up to 500 m line-of-site range (depending on receiver)
• Five-year battery life at 10 second transmission update rate
• Simple DIL switch pairing with the single or five channel receiver
• User-selectable transmission update rates
• A range of receivers are available
• Receiver clean contacts provide process alarm functions

Typical Applications Include:
• Simple cable replacement installation – dispense with expensive and tortuous cable runs
• Service Contract – temporary installation for servicing and field trials
• Rotating Machinery – Transmit signals to/from rotating machinery without slip rings etc.


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Finder 38 Series Solid State Relays


Finder 38 Series: Relay Interface Modules (EMR or SSR) 0.1-2-6-8A

The 38 Series is a range of of EMR or SSR modular interface relays which include the following features (according to Type):
• 6.2mm or 14mm wide
• DC or AC/DC coil versions
• Special coil/input leakage current suppression types
• Timer version
• Screw & screwless terminals

• Bottling plants
• Packaging Machines
• Control Panels
• Traffic Light Controls
• Vending Machines
• Programmable Controllers
• Panels for Electrical Distribution
• Labelling Machines


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Entrelec Stud Terminal Blocks

The Connection for Power and Energy Circuits.

The stud terminal blocks are dedicated to the connection and distribution of power into installations.

• Saved space in cabinets thanks to high density wiring with up to two conductors per stud.
• Increase operator security thanks to rotating and removable protective covers for jumpers and connections.
• Secured wiring thanks to the combination of lug and stud that prevent conductor pull-out.
• Reduce maintenance operations : our clamps include vibration resistant washers combined with highly resistant steel clamps.
• Assemby is facilitated and mounting time is reduced thanks to bi-stable foot that allows fast locking or removal of terminal block on rail.
• Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such panel or plate.

Main Features:
• Connecting capacity from 35 to 300 mm² (1 AWG to 1000kcmil).
• Technologies : stud-stud or hybrid stud-screw terminal blocks.
• Compatible with lugs in acordance with NF C 20-130 and DIN 46234.
• Connections and jumpering system are isolated (IP20) thanks to rotative protective covers.
• Pins allow terminal blocks to be snapped together for better stability.
• Derivation accessory for monitoring relays.


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Crouzet ATEX Pneumatics Application


ATEX Pneumatic components is a serious option to consider

The original design of Darth Vader’s armor didn’t originally include a helmet. But today Darth Vader’s helmet, combining a full-face breathing mask with a samurai helmet, is one of the most iconic designs of space fantasy cinema. Breathing under stress is a critical feature of the helmet.

“The respirator function is much more than a scuba tank regulator” observed a DesignLab quality engineer. We recommend highly reliable ATEX components to control the respirator valves in explosive environments.


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