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ZF E-Bike Speed Sensor GS82-AA02, Targets High Resolution of Signal

GS82-AA02 E-Bike Speed Sensor

With the increasing popularity and growing trend of e-bikes, bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimize power and performance of their drive systems. In order to support the driver in the best possible way, sensors are needed to deliver the required data and therefore adapt the engine’s power support. An essential component is the ZF e-bike sensor for measuring the current speed, which is based on Hall technology with significant advantages over conventional reed switches.

Especially for high-quality e-bikes, all components need to be functional, from the drive to the battery and cabling. This is also the case with the ZF e-bike sensor. Speed sensors of the GS series have been specially developed for use in Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs. The extremely compact design meets the necessary requirements for the use in e-bikes.

The sensors are based on the principle of Hall-effect and therefore they are non-contact and durable. In combination with ferromagnetic target wheels, a high-resolution speed measurement with over 50 pulses per revolution can be implemented without any problems. In practice, this leads to a finer and quicker response from the e-bike drive – especially at lower speeds (e.g. when starting up a hill). The differential measurement of the magnetic flux also increases the robustness of the sensor against vibrations. In addition, there is no need for an external magnet, which is used with conventional reed switches. These are frail against even slight shifts on the spoke, which leads to functional failures and shut down of the drive unit.

The GS82-AA02 sensor is compact at 21.75mm length, 9.35mm diameter. As an interface to the drive system, the Higo connector has a cross-section of only 0.14mm² and due to its small size is prevalent in the e-bike industry. Depending on the customer’s requirements the contact via connector, as well as the cable length, can be preselected individually. The sensor requires a constant voltage supply of 6.5 – 20 VDC and measures frequencies between 1 and 2,500 Hz. They are designed for a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85°C to fulfill the declaration of conformity in the e-bike industry.  This sensor was originally developed for ABS applications. In addition to e-bikes, other target markets include e-scooters and various sports equipment for this small and efficient sensor.


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Sensata / Crydom H1 Series (Panel Mount AC Output) Solid State Relays


The H1 Series is a family of high voltage panel mounted AC Solid State Relays with ratings from 25 up to 125 Amps at 48 to 660 VAC. Their back-to-back SCR output is ideal for heavy industrlal loads.

• DC control input
• Low off-state leakage current (snubberless)
• Zero voltage (resistive loads) or instantaneous (inductive loads) turn-on output
• Optional LED input status indicator
• L, CSA and TUV approved and CE compliant to EN 609050-1


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Cynergy3 IWTTU Series

Industrial Wireless Temperature Transducer – 1/4″NPT

The IWTTU Wireless Temperature Transducer is a cost effective replacement to a traditionally wired temperature transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments.

It is easily paired to Sensata Gateways or Receivers – thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your pressure measurement applications.

The instrument uses either J or K type thermocouples or 3-wire RTD sensors fitted to an acetal housing giving excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications. Compression fittings are available which allow the head to be orientated in the required direction.

Each device is temperature compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number.

• K or J Type Thermocouples
• PT100 RTD Sensors
• 6mm stainless steel sheath
• Up to 500 m line-of-site range (depending on receiver)
• Five year battery life at 10 second transmission update rate
• Simple DIL switch pairing with the single or five channel receiver
• Single, five and multi-channel channel receivers available (up to 128)
• User-selectable transmission update rates
• Analog, digital, RS-232/485, Ethernet & USB receiver outputs
• Receiver clean contacts provide process alarm functions

• Simple cable replacement installation – dispense with expensive cable runs
• Environmental monitoring – pumping stations, sewage plants, water treatment
• Facilities management – boiler rooms, plant hydraulics, plant pneumatics
• Asset monitoring – tanks farms, process plants, HVAC and building management
• Service Contract – temporary installation for servicing and field trials


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Finder 60 Series Industrial Relay


General Purpose Relays 6 – 10A

Function & Features:
The 60 Finder Series comprises industrial relays which include the following features (according to Type):
• AC & DC coils, including “current sensing” versions
• 8 & 11 pin plug-in
• Flange mount
• Available with lockable test button, mechanical flag & LED indicator
• Version with bifurcated contacts for low level switching

• Shipyards
• Hoists and Cranes
• Road/ Tunnel Lighting
• Burners, Boilers and Furnaces
• Panels for Electric Distribution
• Control Panels
• Control Systems


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Entrelec M8 / M12 Connector System

Connector System for machine industrial automation and control applications provides a solution for the increasing needs of sensor connections that safely and reliably secure the communication in industrial environments. This connector system also finds applications outside of its traditional industries where a compact reliable connection system with environmental protection is required. TE Connectivity (TE) solution includes an extensive connector range of PCB headers, cable assemblies and I/O boxes, and provides users with an interface that supports higher bandwidth needs – meeting the requirements of up to 10Gb/s.

TE also offers shielded and un-shielded Cat5e and Cat6A cable assembly variants. A predefined offering in length of 1, 3, 5 and 10 meters covers a vast range of customer needs on the market. For rewiring on site a wide range of field serviceable connectors are provided, allowing versatile systems to be quickly and easily established. Additional styles are available on request including alternative mounting arrangements for panel mount connectors and double ended cable assemblies.

TE’s industrial communications products are widespread throughout today’s networked factories, and play a critical role in driving the efficiency of many manufacturing processes. Used extensively in material handling equipment, our industrial communications solutions are also found throughout the automotive
and food and beverage industries, as well as in the many manufacturing applications of industrial robots. With the development of smaller industrial ethernet products, TE’s solutions are also excellent for vision systems, common in security equipment and mail sortation devices.

• Machinery
• Factory Automation

TE’s M8/M12 Connector System includes a broad range of straight, angled, LED and multi-position field installable and board connectors that are easily intermateable. Next to cable assemblies for serial and bus communication, TE also offers industrial ethernet patch cables with overmolded X-coded M12 connectors that are available for future proof applications with up to 10 Gb/s data transmission. Customized cable assemblies offer a solution for your specific needs in different lengths, temperatures or flexibility.

When communication simply needs to work in industrial environments, TE’s M8/M12 system and broad industrial communications portfolio offer time-tested reliability that meet industry standards. Whether it is for controllers and sensors or robotics and molding machines, the M8/M12 connector system offers you a solution that is time-saving, error reduced and without the use of tools.


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Crouzet Automation Controllers


Crouzet is an independent company manufacturing mechatronic components for demanding applications in Aerospace & Transportation, Energy, Building and
Machinery Industry.

Since 1921, Crouzet has a heritage of close collaboration with customers in the development of products, from standard components to fully customized solutions.

Crouzet’s customers and partners can rely on our teams worldwide to always meet and often exceed their expectations. Driven by innovation, our experts are focused on designing and delivering the right product for the right application.

Crouzet is your trusted partner of choice to face industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Bulgin Industry Applications for Transportation (Transport & Infrastructure)


With ambient & environmental conditions such as water, moisture & extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport & infrastructure applications, reliable & robust solutions are vitally important in this sector.

From outdoor lighting & industrial meters to HVAC systems & surveillance cameras, rest assured that our industry leading solutions are built for maximum reliability & performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor & industrial applications.

The world is constantly changing and we help to keep it moving with our connectivity solutions. With more transport links and vehicles needed than ever before to meet the challenging needs of a growing population, we help to future proof your investment by providing cost effective and high performance solutions that last.

Experts in manufacturing sealed electrical connectors, we’ve provided connectivity solutions to transport and infrastructure applications for years. Particularly suited to provide power, signal & data connections in harsh environments, our reliable connector range makes sure that people and
goods successfully get to their destination by land, sea or air.

• Lorry / Truck LED Lighting
• Road Management Maintenance
• Speed Check Signage
• Illuminated Taxi Sign
• Transport Refrigeration
• Noise Monitoring Terminal
• Container Cooling Units
• Surface Friction Test Equipment
• Noise Monitoring Terminal
• Traffic Lights


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Moeller RMQ Compact Pilot Devices

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• Protection Class: IP65 (back)
• Installation: Preconfigured Cable Ends
• Assembly: Fast & Easy

Increase your competitive edge, by designing more compact and reliable machines with Eaton’s Moeller series RMQ compact solution command and indication devices. Due to their very high degree of protection (IP65) at the back, they can be flexibly and directly integrated into the machine body. Their error-free, space-saving, plug and play installation saves development costs and installation time. Cables, connectors and housings are already integrated and permanently installed in these all-in-one devices.


Core Features:
• Degree of protection at the front up to IP69K, at the back IP65
• Pre-configured cable connection with M12 or M8 connectors or open-ended cable (pigtail solution)
• Cable lengths of 20 cm, 50 cm, 1 m and 3.5 m
• 22 mm or 30 mm mounting hole diameter, applies also to flat design
• Front elements: Pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, indicator lights and emergency-stop buttons
• irect connection to field bus systems such as AS-i or SmartWire-DTTM

A Compact Solution with Sturdy Components:
The RMQ compact solution devices meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments. Thanks to their high degree of protection both at the front and the back, they can be installed directly inside the machine room. The special enclosure prevents the ingress of dust, water, cleaning agents and other fine particles.


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E-T-A HPR10 High Voltage Relay

The Most Powerful High Voltage Relay up to 1000 V

The HVR10 is a hybrid and powerful high voltage relay in a compact design. It combines physical isolation of an electro-mechanical contact with the capabilities of ultramodern semi-conductor technology.

The hybrid, arc-free switching system allows repeated and reliable disconnection, even in the event of an overload, of up to 2 megawatts – 2,000 A/1,000 V. The HVR10 withstands high short circuit currents up to 5,000 A until the fast high voltagefuse trips. The fist-sized unit can switch and permanently carry 300 A up to 100,000 times, arc-free and wear-free. The innovative self-monitoring function immediately signals critical operating conditions to the controlgear.

• Multiple disconnections even in critical conditions up to 2,000 A at 1,000 V.
• Enhanced protection of the on-board electrical system through integral fault detection and indication
• Minimum wear through arc-free switching

Technical Data:
• Voltage ratings 900 V
• Max. voltage 1,000 V DC
• Continuous current 300 A
• Switching capacity Imax off 2,000 A
• Max. holding current 5,000 A for 25 ms
• Degree of protection IP54
• Ambient temperature -40 °C … +85 °C

• ISO 16750
• IATF 16949
• ECE R10
• ASIL upon request

Typical Applications
• Buses, trucks, construction machinery and special vehicles with electrical drivetrain
• Charging stations, power storage and main relays in the vehicle


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Schurter EC12 Snap-In Appliance Inlet with Filter and Mains Switch

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IEC C20 Appliance Inlet with Filter and Mains Switch
• Compact Power Entry Module with Filter
• Optionally with Enhanced Surge Withstand Voltage
• V-Lock Cord Retention

Schurter expands the successful EC12 appliance inlet filter family with new variants for snap-in mounting. This allows the compact power entry module to be mounted even faster and easier.

The EC12 filter series combines an IEC C20 appliance inlet with a high quality 1-stage filter and power switch.

Snap-In Mounting:
New variants of the EC12 power entry modules feature two snap-in springs instead of the screw flange for even simpler and more efficient installation. Thanks to the high-quality springs, a tight-fitting installation is ensured with good electrical contacting of the mounting panel at the same time. The wide metal flange contacts the housing over a large surface area, thus enabling optimum filtering and shielding effect.

The EC12 filter series is available as a standard or medical version and is used in devices that require particularly high resistance to interference. This includes IT or telecom systems according to IEC 92368-1 and medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1.

Filter versions with increased surge withstand voltage capability are also available. These have interference suppression capacitors of safety class X1 for surge voltages of 4 kV between L and N and Y1 for surge voltages of 8 kV.

The series is compatible with V-Lock cord retention device connection cables. The EC12 series is certified for currents up to 16 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 20 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It comes with ENEC, CQC and cURus approvals.


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