Crouzet Is Pleased To Announce The Availability of em4 Ethernet!





The most intuitive and easy to use Nano-PLC on your Ethernet Network with embedded Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP server.



Key Features
–  Save time in designing your application and remote functions using the most intuitive graphical function block language of the market
–  Measure accurately your high-end industrial sensors with the embedded configurable analog inputs (including 4-20 mA)
–  Integrate easily one of our three high tech designs in your machine
–  Adapt your application along the way of its lifecycle thanks to the enhanced controlling performances

Product Details
–  26 I/Os nano-PLC in a compact modular shape
–  24 VDC (-15% +20%) power supply
–  Highly visible HMI with 4 lines of 18 characters white on a black backlight, 6 x programmable keys
–  4 configurable digital inputs for encoder (20 kHz), or high speed count (60 kHz)
–  12 digital/analog inputs including 4 configurable (0-10 V, 0-20, 4-20 mA) with high accuracy for sensors
–  2 static PWM outputs allowing controlling analog actuators (controlled valve, controlled pump…) or for external PWM/0-10 V or 4-20 mA converter
–  8 relay outputs (2 x 6 A, 6 x 8 A)
–  A large memory for application and remote functions program (~1000 FB)
–  Programmable locally with an USB interface
–  Optional Interface for Modbus RS485 slave

–  I/O & specific expansions
–  Interfaces & wireless antennas
–  HMI & visulalization
–  Sensors & Signal converters
–  Power-Supply & other accessories


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