Schurter CSO Heavy Duty Fuse Clip, Designed for Voltages up to 1500VAC/VDC and Currents to 32A

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Schurter, a leading provider of fuseholders, expands its CSO heavy duty fuse clip family with a cost-effective tin-plated version. The CSO clip, designed for 10.3 mm diameter fuses, is suitable for applications with voltages up to 1500 VAC/VDC and currents to 32A. These unique characteristics are SCHURTER’s response to the increasing photovoltaic system voltage requirements.

CSO Fuse Clip

The CSO clip is available in solder and screw/rivet versions. The solder version allows direct mounting on a printed circuit board by means of through-hole technology. The screw/rivet version provides additional flexibility for basic designs. Due to the special copper alloy all versions are characterized by a strong clamping force resulting in minimal power loss.

The CSO fuse clip is ideal for a wide range of PV and other DC applications including inverters, battery charge controllers, and string fuse holders. Furthermore, the CSO is well suited for applications in the e-mobility and industrial electronics sectors. The fuse clip conforms to RoHS specifications and is currently the only photovoltaic clip on the market with cURus approval.

Schurter also offers the ASO 10.3×38 PV fuse to fit the new CSO fuse clip. The fuse clip also supports other fuses with a 10.3 mm diameter of any length. This includes, for instance, 10.3×85 mm fuses for higher voltages.

Technical Features and Benefits:
– High rated voltage of 1500 VAC/VDC
– High rated current of 32 A
– Minimal power dissipation due to strong clamping force (special copper alloy)
– Solder, screw or rivet mounting
– cURus approval

– Photovoltaic inverters
– String fuse holder
– Battery charge controllers
– DC applications
– Industrial electronics
– Drives


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