Honeywell High Pressure Premium HPS Series Pressure Switch


The Honeywell Pressure Switches, High Pressure Premium, HPS Series is a portfolio of durable, reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches that are available with either single pole single throw (SPST) normally open or normally closed circuitry, or single pole double throw (SPDT) circuitry.  The HPS Series’ IP67 environmental sealing and high proof pressure and burst pressure ratings allow for use in a variety of rugged applications that require the making or breaking of an electrical connection in response to a pressure change of the system media.

HPS Series

• Heavy duty construction machinery
• Agricultural machinery
• Material handling machinery

• CNC machines • Compressors/boilers
• Fracking equipment • Mud pumps
• Presses and punches • Pressure washers
• Trash compactors • Water jet cutting machines
• Any industrial machinery that uses high pressure hydraulic fluids


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