eLink Power Distribution Systems From Burland Complies With BS6396 Without Fuses!

For years, facility managers have had to deal with the frustration of having to use 20mm “equipment” fuses in their desk power bars rather than proper BS1362 fuses. Frustration because they are both inappropriate for electrical mains protection and also pretty superfluous when we have a BS1362 fuse in all our UK plug tops. It is the recommendation of best practice, BS6396 that proliferates the use of individually fused sockets. It would not be the first time we have suggested that the legacy designs used by most of our competitors has more to do with commercial self-interest than safety!

However, we are not likely to have the standard re-drafted, so we have another solution. eLink from Burland complies with BS6396 without fuses!  Instead, we have used CBE switch breakers which function as both switch and circuit breaker.  These are able to be reset by the user saving time and effort. From a safety perspective, it is not possible to insert over rated fuses or worse still, metallic objects which have in the past led to fires!

Another first is our high power dual USB charger that not only can charge two iPads consecutively, but also has been adapted to work with Blackberry smart phones, something many others do not!


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