Hylec Mini-TeeTube and Mini-Tee Plug Waterproof Connections

Hylec-APL has added two IP68 electrical connectors to its waterproof range which have diameters that are less than that of a one pound coin. The inline connectors both use cable gland technology to form a completely weatherproof seal without the need for silicone gel. The connectors are designed so that the terminals form part of the outer casing making the overall diameter of the connectors just 23mm.

* Mini-TeeTube and mini-TeePlug have an innovative design which incorporates the wire terminals as part of the external housing.
* Housing ends features a dome topped cable gland and co-moulded sealing rings ensuring a high IP rating when assembly is complete.
* Both connectors can be ordered in 2, 3 or 4 pole options.
* Quick installation, wire piercing screw terminal blocks are also available which make it possible to secure the connection to IP68 standards in less than a minute.


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