Finder's New 77 Series 'Hockey Puck@ Style Relay Controls High-Inrush Demands


Finder has expanded its range of solid state relays to include high current ‘hockey puck’ style relays, offering rapid cycling and near infinite switching capability.
The new 77 Series relays are ideal for use where applications require the control of exceptionally high inrush current demands, such as in LED and other low-energy lighting, switch-mode power supplies, building control, and motor switching.
With a sealed construction and no wearing parts, they are less sensitive to environmental factors such as mechanical shock, vibration, humidity and external magnetic fields, providing an increased lifetime of the relay.
Finder’s ‘hockey puck’ relays are electronically clean with low emissions, no contact bounce, and no electrical arcing—making them suitable for sensitive environments. The silent operation makes them ideal for residential and commercial usage.


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