The Wieland Terminal selos – New Generation


With selos New Generation, Wieland, the inventor of secure electrical connection technology, is launching an innovative version of the Wieland terminal block with screw connection on the market.

selos – Simple and Secure Connection
With its selos line, Wieland Electric has developed a series of rail terminal blocks that combines many user-friendly characteristics in a single product, giving the user decisive advantages in terms of flexibility, economy and reliability. The selos series of products combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, with the focus on customer benefits and increased efficiency when working. The essential features of selos include a secure and maintenance-free connection, optimized and time-saving handling as well as noticeably reduced costs for logistics.

Regardless of whether a single solid-conductor wire or multi-stranded wire is used and whether a wire end ferrule is present or not, selos provides a simple and secure electrical connection. Thanks to the large amount of terminal space, universal connection and easy expansion through use of multi-wire connections are possible at any time. At the same time, the proven Wieland screw connection technology guarantees a secure, maintenance-free and long-lasting connection. The special clamping element design with its single-lead thread ensures high quality and uniform connection even when rewiring and reconnecting. Its small size is an additional benefit of selos: a result of the uniform and optimized design as well as the considerably fewer number of accessories.

Plug & Play Even with DIN rail Screw Terminal Blocks
You save valuable time with selos during assembly and wiring thanks to the simple and screwless ground blocks as well as the plug-in connecting links and adapters.  All terminals blocks in the series feature a two-row, plug-in jumpering channel. This permits variable potential distribution through use of a chain arrangement, since any number of plug-in jumpers can be connected in succession as necessary. In addition, the use of standard variants permits cost savings for inventory.

Fully Compatible with Wieland Accessories
selos has been designed to mesh seamlessly with Wieland accessories, which share a uniform configuration and may be used throughout the line. The user has the choice of any Wieland connection technology – while being able to use time-tested accessories. The extremely rugged jumpering elements deserve special attention. The intelligent design guarantees a secure connection even when it is subjected to vibrations, allows easy adaptation to a variety of different applications and provides a reliable connection even under the harshest ambient conditions.

The Wieland Identification System Ensures a Clear Orientation
The Wieland identification system can be used to label all terminal locations. Unambiguous assignment of wire to terminal location when wiring is assured at all times and simplifies troubleshooting, even while wires are connected. The clear legibility and secure attachment of the identification tags provide a convincing solution.  The Wieland identification tags join the terminal blocks into solid unit on the mounting rail. The wiemarc identification system is available for customer-specific labels.  The identification tag holders – ideal for service and maintenance – guarantee individual labeling with only a few items without the use of complex labeling devices. Moreover, selos allows you to identify entire rows of terminal blocks in a single step through use of continuous strips.

A Wide Variety of Designs
selos is available as feed-through and ground blocks with two, three or four locations for each potential, as disconnect blocks as well as multitier blocks for different wiring tasks within a confined space. In addition, the selos product family includes function blocks with a wide variety of diode circuits, fuse blocks and diverse application- specific special terminals such as instrument transformer isolating terminals. selos has been designed for use in machinery and plant construction as well as installation in buildings.

selos Technical Data to EN 60947-7:
Design cross-section 2.5 to 240 mm²
Rated current of up to 415 A
Rated voltage of up to 1000 V


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