Schurter Expands FMER Series of High-Current DC Filters

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Schurter is expanding its successful FMER series of high-current filters with a model for high power. The entire series is now available without grounding capacitors for safety-related applications.

Photovoltaic panels with increasing surface areas are being installed, and as a result ever more powerful inverters are required. To address this trend, SCHURTER is expanding the current ratings of its DC filters to 2300 A for higher power. For reasons of safety, filters are sometimes requested without grounding capacitors, which prevents any leakage current to ground. Thus, Sschurter is also offering this entire series without Y capacitors.

Modern solar inverters with MPP (maximum power point) trackers generate interference in both directions: on the AC grid side and the DC panel side. On the AC side, it is usual to insert an AC filter such as the SCHURTER FMAC or FMBC, but until now few provisions have been made for the DC side. EMC standards EN 61000-6-3 and EN 55014-1, however, also limit the level of interference on non grid-connected conductors such as those going to a solar panel. A remedy can be provided by DC filters installed on the DC side of the solar inverter.

Large solar inverters are generally housed in cabinets that must have active cooling. The Schurter FMER series features high temperature resistance, which reduces the necessary cooling energy and makes a significant contribution to higher energy efficiency for the entire system.

FMER family filters have UL approvals for ambient temperatures of +55°C and +75°C as well as for rated voltages of 600 VDC and 1000 VDC. They are exceptionally well suited for rated currents from 25 A to 2300 A at an ambient of 55°C and for voltages up to 1200 VDC.

FMER SOL DC filters come standard with screw terminals up to 150 A, and with copper bars starting at 250 A. Other connection types (stranded wire or copper bar for current levels less than 250 A or bus bar terminals) are available on request.  In addition, small modifications to the switching or the housing are also possible on request.

For optimal matching to the inverter, Schurter offers its own EMC measurement service that makes it possible to find the most cost-effective filter solution.

Technical features:
– Rated voltage 1200 VDC
– Rated current 25 A to 2300 A
– Connections: screw terminals 25 – 150 A; copper bars 250 – 2300 A
– cURus approval: 600 VDC 25 – 150 A, 1000 VDC 250 – 2300 A


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