Schurter Expands DKFS Family of Common-mode SMD chokes

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Schurter is expanding its successful DKFS family of SMD chokes with a new horizontal version. With it, the use of very highperformance, compact chokes is possible in low-profile assemblies.

Modern electronic circuits require components with the highest performance in ever smaller profiles. The new horizontal DKFS chokes are ideally suited for this purpose. Compared to vertical models, they have higher inductance with the same rated current. Thanks to SMD leads, they can be assembled using the same reflow soldering process as other components. Possible application areas for these chokes include switch-mode power supplies, dc and stepping motor drives and frequency converters.

The rated voltage for DKFS devices is 250 VAC. These common-mode chokes are designed for temperatures of -40°C to +125°C. They will also continue to be available in vertical models as well as in the new horizontal design. The DKFS series meets the requirements of IEC/EN60938 and is UL1283 approved.


Technical features:
– Rated voltage 250 VAC
– Rated current 400 mA to 4 A
– Inductivity 0.7 to 39 mH
– SMD leads
– Attenuation of common-mode interference


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