Finder’s Astro 12.81 Time Switch Saves Energy Wherever You Are


Where the need to control lighting, temperature or other functions according to daylight hours exists, Finder has developed an innovative, easily programmable time switch which employs a unique digital program to calculate sunrise and sunset times by simply entering the location’s postcode with a single joystick.

With ever increasing pressures to reduce energy consumption, Finder’s Astro 12.81 time switch will control lighting, heating/cooling and humidity equipment in commercial, residential and industrial applications wherever sunrise and sunset times are critical in determining operational times. The Astro’s micro-controller stores postcode data from 16 European countries, including the UK, allowing for a precise calculation of seasonal sunrise and sunset times through date and location coordinates. The Astro is also programmable using geographical coordinates, settable between 30°S and 64°N; 16°W and 50°E. The Astro will also automatically compensate, should European Summer Time be enabled.

For added flexibility, the output switching can be advanced or retarded about the calculated sunrise (or sunset) time in 10-minute increments—up to a maximum of 90 minutes. A manual override of the output status allows for maintenance or one-off events. With a 16A 250vac rated output contact and a 120A 5ms peak current rating, the Astro time switch is capable of directly switching 2000W halogen, 750W compensated fluorescent, 200W CFL or LED lamp loads and AC15 loads up to 750 VA.

The integral back-up battery, which is easily replaceable from the front, features an automatic power save mode which helps extend battery life.


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