'Kwik-Snap' Terminal Blocks from Hylec-APL Reduce On-Site Installation Costs

‘Kwik-Snap’ terminal blocks from Hylec-APL can reduce installation time on site by allowing users to remove the desired number of poles from a strip with the simple twist of the hand. Unlike similar products on the market, the Kwik-Snap is made from polypropylene which eliminates the risk of fire from arcing.

* Quickly snap off the required number of poles – No tools required, saves time, saves money.
*  Pole divider still strong enough to support mounting screws for surface mounting.
*  Plated metals inserts with zinc-plated steel screws.
*  12 pole strips with wiring capacity from 4mm2 to 16mm2
*  Suitable for ambient temps to 85 degrees C
*  High melting point removes risk of fire from arcing.
*  VDE approved.


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