Finder 70 Series Monitoring Relays Help Meet Safety Guidelines


With increasing health and safety demands and the need to protect valuable equipment, Finder’s new 70 Series modular rail-mounted monitoring relays provide a solution by offering maximum flexibility in monitoring a range of electrical supply parameters, in compact, easy to adjust units. For example, machine safety legislation (IEC/EN/BS60204-1) requires that portable or semi-portable motor-driven equipment be prevented from starting up in the wrong direction should the local phases be reversed, and a phase reversal monitoring relay can provide for that.


Finder’s new relays are ideal for monitoring supplies to machinery, equipment, and installations where failure or variation outside acceptable limits may result in damage to equipment, danger to personnel, or disruption to critical processes or procedures. Featuring ‘positive safety logic,’ the 70 Series will ensure that any failure mode results in the output relay assuming its de-energized position. With a selectable fault memory (lock-out), safety is increased by preventing uncontrolled restarting of equipment.

With a wide range of adjustments to maximize application flexibility, the monitoring relays feature two or three colour LED indicators for immediate visual indication of supply status. The functions and values are programmable from the front face, simplifying set-up and adjustment.

Within the 70 Series range are units designed to monitor single and 3-phase supplies for under-voltage, over-voltage, voltage within set limits, and for neutral loss, phase loss, phase rotation and asymmetry. The four monitoring relays in the 70 Series range (three of which are multifunctional) offer a selection of voltage limits between 170 – 270 for single phase, and 300– 480 for three-phase supplies, a switch off delay time between 0.5 – 60 seconds, and 4 – 25% variation of phase asymmetry. The modules are available in or 35mm, dependent on type.


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