Now the Eaton Moeller Series SmartWire-DT Is Smarter than Ever!

The revolutionary SmartWire-DT system from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, which virtually eliminates the need for conventional control wiring in panels and on machines, is now even more versatile and convenient. This follows the addition of devices with integral SmartWire-DT connectivity to two key product ranges – easy800 control relays and PKE motor-protection circuit breakers.

In many applications, easy800 programmable control relays with SmartWire-DT make it possible to implement sophisticated control systems without the need to use programmable controllers (PLCs), which means big savings in costs and complexity. In addition, Eaton’s easySoft-Pro software makes easy800 relays simple to program, even for users who have no specialist programming knowledge or experience.

The new easy800 relays are suitable for applications with up to 320 I/O and are programmed using straightforward and well-known ladder diagram techniques. The easySoft-Pro programming software now includes SmartWire Assist to configure external devices, allowing control systems that incorporate the new relays to be drawn, configured, programmed and tested using just this one intuitive software package.

Equally well suited for use in control systems based on easy800 relays, and those based on conventional PLCs, PKE motor-protection circuit breakers with SmartWire-DT allow users to monitor the operation of their motors in detail and in real time. The PKE units can report via the SmartWire-DT connection a wide range of operating parameters that include motor current, motor fault conditions and overload status. This is achieved without the need for additional hardware like current transformers and specialist relays, which are not only costly to buy, but are also inconvenient to fit and wire.

A key benefit of the information supplied by PKE units with SmartWire-DT connectivity is that, in many cases, it allows developing problems to be identified and addressed before a motor trip occurs, thereby greatly reducing downtime and costly production losses.

SmartWire-DT from Eaton is a powerful and versatile communications system that enables switching and control devices, such as contactors, circuit breakers and pushbuttons, as well as analogue I/O devices, to be connected quickly and simply using pre-fabricated plug-in cables. This saves time in building and testing control systems, as well as virtually eliminating the risk of wiring errors while greatly increasing the ease with which future modifications can be made.


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