Finder Low profile 41 Series PCB Relays now Available with AC Coils


Finder’s popular low profile relay range has now been extended for use with AC supply voltages. The new 24VAC and 230VAC versions of the 41 Series are ideal where the use of a DC supply voltage proves unsuitable, or would incur additional cost.

Available in single and 2-pole contact versions, with rated switching currents of 8A and 16A, the 15.7mm high relay will find useful applications in electronics, control panels, machine and factory process control systems—particularly where space constraints place limits on height.

With a rated coil power of 0.9VA, the low consumption promotes energy saving, and the cadmium-free contact materials conform to current and future REACH and WEEE directives. It also features RTII environmental protection, making it flux-proof for automatic flow soldering.

The 41 Series low profile relay can be mounted directly onto the pcb, or into a pcb socket. It can also be used with a range of 35mm rail-mounted sockets, with screw or screwless terminals – all available with EMC suppression modules and with the option of a time-saving jumper link.


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