Schurter's UMT 250 Fuse Offers More Versatility with Extended Current Ratings

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One SMD fuse for use in both primary and secondary circuits streamlines processes

Schurter announces several new current ratings to its already popular UMT 250 series, for a total of twenty two unique ratings from 80mA to 10A. The series is designed to provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection in both primary and secondary circuits. The versatile one package solution streamlines design, procurement and automated assembly processes.

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The UMT 250 maximizes circuit protection while its extremely compact size meets the demand for saving space and facilitating production. It can be mounted on both sides of the printed circuit board. Its low profile increases production rates when mounted with pick and place assembly machines. It is an ideal substitute for axial and radial leaded through-hole fuses where bending leads can cause assembly delays.

The Universal Modular Fuse (UMF) is time-lag (T) characteristic. It is rated at 250 VAC and 125 VDC, according to IEC and 277VAC and 250 VDC, according to UL. The series has a high breaking capacity of up to 200A at rated voltage. It is RoHS compliant and carries all the main approvals such as VDE, UL Listing, cURus, PSE Jet (Japan), CCC (China) and KTL (Korea). Applications include protection of power supplies, storage systems, wireless base stations and many other electronic systems.



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