Series D1D & D2D Brings the Addition of 4 New High Power DC Output SSRs to the Crydom Range


New D1D and D2D series solid state relays add to Crydom’s
already extensive offer for high-current DC applications
such as heater, lighting and motor control

Crydom’s D1D and D2D series of FET output DC Solid State Relays formerly rated up to 40 amps at 100 VDC and 12 amps at 200 VDC, now includes new models rated at 60, 80 and 100 amps at 100 VDC, as well as 40 amps at 200 VDC. The new models which are offered in the industry standard “hockey puck” SSR package, adds to Crydom’s present offer which includes the D06 rated to 100 amps at 60 VDC, D2D & D4D series rated to 12 amps and D5D models rated to 10 amps at 200, 400 and 500 VDC respectively.


The new D1D relays feature a low on-state resistance FET output capable of carrying 60, 80 or 100 amps when the SSR is mounted on an appropriately rated heat sink. Likewise, the new D2D40 features a similar FET design rated to 40 amps with appropriate heat sink. Control for these Crydom DC output SSRs is by a transformer isolated 3 to 32 VDC logic compatible input providing 2500 VAC input to output isolation. The outputs are diode protected and specified to operate up to 1 kHz. 

Crydom DC output SSRs are ideal for heating and lighting control as well as motor control in commercial, industrial, medical, aerospace, rail and automotive applications.


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