New Wieland gesis Electronic Special Catalogue


Wieland Electric has released a new gesis electronic special catalogue which includes the entire gesis product range for building automation. Components and systems for decentralised room automation, based on KNX, LON, and EnOcean wireless technologies, are all included in this user friendly, 80 page guide.

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As a leading system provider, Wieland offers devices for both intelligent detection and control of room functions and system devices, such as power supplies, interfaces, backbone couplers, and IP routers for the creation of entire networks. In addition, the swiftness of the installation of the gesis Electronic building automation components is their facilitated compatibility with the gesis CON plug & play wiring system which has some crucial safety features; for instance, mis-mating of different connectors is impossible. All the units are mechanically coded meaning that only the matching male and female connectors can be plugged together in the correct pole configuration. They are also colour-coded to speed up matching. Wieland has over 5,000 different individual components in its gesis BIT (Building Installation Technology) range – all based on the concept of pluggable connection.

A short overview of the product lines of the comprehensive gesis electrical installation system illustrates the advantages of decentralised, installation via plug & play. Simple specifications, technical data, practical examples, and application references are all featured in this wide-ranging catalogue. Whether it is an office, hotel, commercial building, lighting, heating or engineering project, gesis provides flexibility with the advantages of a future-orientated system.


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