Finder Relays Extends it's 19 Series of 35mm DIN Rail Module Relay


Finder has announced new additions to its 19 Series of 35mm DIN rail module relays, adding override and status monitoring modules to the series.

Building management system (BMS) designers, panel builders and installers will find the new override modules essential for providing a manual override of a BMS controller or programmable logic controller, in an emergency situation or during maintenance.


The ability to manually override automatic systems provides crucial control in an array of situations, control that is typically missing in such systems.  This may include a controller failure, or where maintenance or safety issues must take precedence. 

Typically this can provide control over pumps, fans solenoid valves or motors, where manual intervention is required.

The status modules address a significant drawback of commercial or proprietary controllers; a lack of clear visual signal identification.  The new status module allows BSM and panel designers to set the colour of the status LED during installation, to create a more obvious alert indication.  This enables quick identification of operational status, particularly in complex systems, minimising downtime during fault conditions or routine maintenance.  An analogue output module has also been added to the range, providing a user-defined output between 0 – 10V, for proportional output setting or speed adjustment.


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